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Here is the list of used boats we have for sale in Hong Kong. 
When in the market for a used boat, it is always recommended that the buyer finds a right broker who can give honest advise and explain the risks and rewards of certain deals. It is important that Buyer and Seller are clear of their responsibilities when they decide to go ahead and buy a boat. Often there is large amount that is exchanging hands and a right broker will follow proper procedures that make the deal safe and fair for both parties. 

Article : Tips on buying a used boat safely 
The above link has an article if a buyer wants to know more on the procedure. What are the things that a potential buyer should understand  and safety of transaction. Buying a second hand boat can be a tricky thing and it is helpful for a buyer to know few right things before hand. There is incredible amount of information on the net, but lot of it is not relevant and untrue. An experienced yacht broker should be able to help in giving a realistic overview of the market and guiding the buyer towards a safe and satisfactory deal. 


CLB 65 2023

CLB 65 2023

HKD 26,000,000
Karnic SL702
Numarine 55

Numarine 55

HK$ 5,850,000
Prestige 590

Prestige 590

HK$ 12,800,000
Princess 56

Princess 56

HKD 6,800,000
fairline 78

Fairline 78

HK$ 14,600,000
Princess 67

Princess 67

HK$ 7,000,000
Azimut 103s

Azimut 103s

HK$ 24,300,000

Mangusta 105

HK$ 17,100,000
Ferretti 62-profile pic

Ferretti 62

HK$ 4500000
Greenline 48 yacht sale HK

Greenline 48

HK$ 6,200,000




We also have presence on yachtworld and here is a link for our website on yachtworld. https://www.yachtworld.com/asiaboating/

Some of our boats may not be updated, as the purchase and sale of the boat happens very fast, therefore it is best that the buyer gets in touch with us by phone or email so we can check availability of the boat and arrange to view the boat if the buyer is interested in particular model, size or price range. It is required that buyer gives us a little bit time to arrange viewing, sometimes if given short notices, it can be difficult to arrange viewing of boats. 

[schema type=”review” url=”https://www.asia-boating.com/used-boats/” name=”Used boats” description=”Large collection of used boats ranging from 20 ft to over 100 ft, located in Hong Kong and Asia. ” rev_name=”used boats” rev_body=”Boats located in Hong Kong are inspected personally and made sure they are presented objectively in the real condition that they are in. ” author=”Asia Boating Limited” pubdate=”2015-12-23″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]

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