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List of Used boats for sale in Hong Kong

Carver 42 used boat

Carver 42

HK$ 1,580,000
Princess F70 Motor yacht

Princess F70

HK$ 23,300,000
Prestige 45 motor yacht

Prestige 45

HK$ 3,800,000
Ruby53 yacht for sale

Ruby 53

HK$ 7,700,000
Sunseeker 55 Manhattan
CLB 65 2023

CLB 65 2023

HKD 26,000,000
Karnic SL702
Numarine 55

Numarine 55

HK$ 5,850,000
Princess 56

Princess 56

HKD 6,800,000
Azimut 103s

Azimut 103s

HK$ 24,300,000

Mangusta 105

HK$ 17,100,000
Ferretti 62-profile pic

Ferretti 62

HK$ 4500000
Greenline 48 yacht sale HK

Greenline 48

HK$ 6,200,000



When in the market for used boats, it’s paramount to find a reliable broker who can provide trustworthy guidance. A seasoned broker can offer invaluable insights into the nuances of each vessel, highlighting both the potential advantages and risks associated with specific deals. Clarity regarding the responsibilities of both buyer and seller is essential for a successful transaction, especially given the significant financial transactions involved.

With substantial sums often changing hands during boat purchases, it’s imperative that a qualified broker follows established procedures to ensure the safety and fairness of the deal for all parties involved. By adhering to proper protocols and conducting thorough due diligence, the broker helps minimize risks and facilitates a transparent and equitable transaction process. Trusting in the expertise of a reputable broker ensures that buyers can confidently navigate the complexities of acquiring used boats, ultimately leading to a satisfying and rewarding purchase experience.


Below some tips on buying used boats. 
Used Boats

Navigating the purchase of used boats requires caution and attention to detail to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. Here’s a concise yet comprehensive guide to help you navigate the process effectively:

  1. Beware Unrealistic Deals: When shopping for used boats, be wary of offers that appear too good to be true. While it’s natural to seek a bargain, deals that deviate significantly from market norms may signal potential scams or hidden issues. Stick to offers that align with prevailing market trends to mitigate risks and avoid unpleasant surprises down the line. 
  2. Prioritize Transparency: Transparency is paramount in any boat transaction. When engaging with brokers or sellers, seek clear and upfront communication regarding commissions, fees, and other financial aspects associated with purchasing a used boat. Understanding who bears the costs of essential services such as surveys and inspections helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures a fair and transparent transaction process.
  3. Define Requirements Clearly: Before diving into the market, take the time to define your specific needs and preferences for a used boat. Consider factors such as boat type, age, size, and desired features to narrow down your options and streamline your search. A reputable broker can offer valuable insights into market trends and pricing dynamics, guiding you toward choices that align with your budget and expectations.

  4. Conduct Thorough Inspections: A hands-on inspection is essential to evaluate the condition of a used boat comprehensively. During the inspection, pay close attention to various aspects, including aesthetics, structural integrity, and mechanical functionality. Look for signs of neglect or poor maintenance, as these may indicate underlying issues that could impact the boat’s performance and value over time.

  5. Negotiate Wisely: Negotiating the purchase price of a used boat requires tact and prudence. While it’s natural to seek the best possible deal, avoid overly aggressive offers that could jeopardize the transaction or strain your relationship with the seller. Instead, aim for a fair and reasonable price based on the boat’s condition and market value, allowing room for negotiation while respecting the seller’s interests.

  6. Document Everything: Documenting all agreements and arrangements in writing is essential to protect your interests and prevent disputes later on. Ensure that key terms, including deposit amounts, inspection contingencies, and ownership transfer procedures, are clearly outlined in a formal contract signed by all parties involved. This helps establish a clear and legally binding framework for the transaction, reducing the risk of misunderstandings or conflicts.

  7. Engage a Qualified Surveyor: Hiring an independent yacht surveyor is a critical step in assessing the condition of a used boat thoroughly. A qualified surveyor can conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vessel, evaluating its structural integrity, mechanical systems, and overall seaworthiness. Their expert assessment provides valuable insights into the boat’s condition and helps identify any potential issues or concerns that may require attention.

  8. Secure a Safe Closing: As the transaction nears completion, ensure that all necessary documents and paperwork are in order for a smooth transfer of ownership. Verify the authenticity of ownership documents and coordinate with the broker to facilitate a secure and timely closing process. Adhering to established procedures and regulations helps mitigate risks and ensures a legally binding transaction that protects your investment.

By following these essential steps and working closely with a reputable broker, you can navigate the purchase of used boats with confidence and peace of mind. With careful planning and diligence, you can find the perfect vessel that meets your needs and sets sail on exciting maritime adventures.

Click here to see a video of buying a used boat in Hong Kong. 

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