Sell a Boat

How do you sell your boat the right way? 

Sell a boat

Welcome to our “Sell a Boat” page. Here, you can provide us with all the details about your boat that you want to put up for sale.

How do we help you sell a boat that you own?

  1. Listing on Prominent Platforms: We showcase your boat on our main website, one of Hong Kong’s most popular boat sales listings. This site is regularly visited by almost all boat buyers in the market. Additionally, to sell a boat we ensure your boat is listed on various international and multiple platforms to maximize exposure.

  2. Targeted Marketing: We send out your boat specifications to our specific clients who are actively seeking something similar. We also advertise your boat in our newsletters and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms.

  3. Extensive Network: Your boat listing is distributed to our competent network of sales professionals both locally and internationally, ensuring maximum visibility.

  4. Walkthrough Videos: We also offer the option to create walkthrough videos of your boat. These videos provide potential buyers with a comprehensive view of the boat’s features and condition, increasing their interest and confidence in making a purchase.

  5. International Listing: In addition to local platforms, we list your boat on international websites frequented by buyers from around the world. This expands your potential buyer base and increases the likelihood of a successful sale.

  6. Customer Outreach: We leverage our existing customer lists to promote your boat. Our database includes previous buyers and interested parties who may be looking for a boat like yours. By reaching out to these individuals directly, we increase the chances of finding a suitable buyer quickly.

Tips for Listing Your Boat on Our Website:

  1. High-Quality Pictures: It’s recommended that we visit your boat to take original pictures and specifications. High-quality images reflect the true condition of the boat, avoiding disappointment later on.

  2. Detailed Information: Providing comprehensive details makes it easier for serious buyers to make decisions quickly, saving time for both the seller and the broker. Detailed specifications help knowledgeable buyers understand the boat’s value and narrow down their choices.

  3. Pricing: Setting the right price is crucial for generating interest. Your pricing should also include commission charges for the broker, typically around 5%. Consistency in pricing across all platforms is essential for maintaining credibility.

  4. Accessibility: Easy access to your boat is advantageous, especially when brokers need to give short notices to potential buyers. While the boat may not always be perfectly prepared for viewing, quick access is appreciated by serious buyers.

Why Pay Commissions to Brokers?

A good broker is a valuable asset in the boat selling process. Ethical brokers ensure fairness and protect both parties from misinformation or unfair tactics. They also assist buyers with various aspects such as mooring, paperwork, and safeguarding deposits. Experienced brokers provide guidance on repairs, replacements, and renovations, ensuring buyers aren’t overcharged or misled. Ultimately, a fair deal benefits everyone involved.

For more information and tips on selling your boat, please refer to our article “Tips on Selling Used Boats in Hong Kong.”

To get started, please fill out the form below with details about your boat. We’ll then reach out to you via email or WhatsApp to proceed further.

Tips on selling used boats in HK

Please fill the form below, which can let us have more details of your boat. we will make contact with you via email or Whatsapp to proceed further. 



Essential to sell a boat. 
Click here to see an example of a used boat video of a Princess F70 that is for sale in Hong Kong. 


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