Built in Cyprus. Karnic Speed boats have become Hong Kong’s Best selling speed boats . We ensure we give the best value and the best quality. Known to be a no-gimmick, practical boat which is efficient and very smooth in open seas and designed to be a low maintenance boat. 


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Karnic Speed boats
Karnic has been making boats in Cyprus for 25 years. Karnic Speed Boats are generally known for their long lasting quality. Currently one of the most sensible Speed boat makers in Europe and strictly No-non-sense design. Recently we have been seeing lot of ridiculously priced small boats and water crafts. Some priced so high only because of their brand name, Some advertise too many gimmicks about the materials and classic designs etc . But end of the day, when users buy these boats and keep it in their moorings and use it for a while, the boat looks nothing like what they have paid for. But lot of false marketing especially to first time buyers make the boat buyers spend big bucks.
But what should some one look for if they want to buy a speed boat?
-Safety : Of course safety is the first thing that cannot be compromised when you are out there to buy speed boat. A Speed boat needs to be safe, tested for stability, strength of its hull, if it can take rough waters
-Design : You will always need a speed boat of a size that is right for you and a layout that suits your specific needs. Be it for fishing or just anchoring and relaxing on the sea or just cruising around your small boat to explore the waters. The design needs to be not just pretty and trendy, but functional and practical. For example, your seating positions with hand rails, your seats, storage, switches on the right place. Access to your engine if needs to be adjusted. Easy to open hatches for access batteries and pumps when the boat is in the water. These kind of things are important and only a boat builder with many years of experience can deliver the right product which has the best mix of beauty and functionality.
-Quality : Often we hear salesmen saying their speed boats are of the best quality or high standard etc. What does that even mean? it sounds great but nobody knows what it means. Well, apart from passing all quality tests for stability and toughness, the important part is that the boats have a history of usage. Many years in existence is the first proof that the boat builder has not gone bust for selling a inferior product. Because in this industry if your boats have silly problems it often means end of the business for the factory. Main thing you should be looking for is the warranty for the hull. In case of Karnic boats, they provide 10 year hull warranty for factory defects. Other things are when you look at a used speed boat of many years and you can see how things are working like the doors, hatches, switches etc. If they are not falling apart  it’s a good sign.
Price : Finally the Price! Often buyers filter their searches nowadays based on their price range. That’s in fact a good thing because it creates healthy competition for boat builders and they cannot charge any price because their brand names sound Italian. Buyers are smart and they know what they are getting. Information and details are available online and people can compare them on their finger tips so the speed boat builder better be competing by doing the right thing and no longer ripping people off. In 1980s and 1990s lot of manufacturers could get away with charging what ever they can because buyers were not connected and information was not so abundant. Now the game is completely different. Its easy to find an user of a certain brand of product and ask them about their experience in whatever part of the world they might be in. So yes, the boat has to be good and the price has to make sense.
I hope you found this information useful, and it may help you to make a right choice if you are in the market to buy a speed boat, small cruiser, a fishing boat or whatever type of boat.

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