Created in 2018 with a focus on innovation, CL Yachts is synonymous with cutting-edge design, advanced technology, surefooted performance, and exceptional craftsmanship.

In the vastness of the ocean, CL Yachts understands the importance of sound engineering and construction, providing the comfort, safety, strength and dependability you need in all your journeys ahead. 

Immersed in a rich history of shipbuilding and a spirit of innovation, CL Yachts adopts state-of-the-art technology, such as resin-infused composite hulls for a stronger, stiffer and lighter structure to improve efficiency and performance.  A CZONE electrical system oversees tankage and major boat functions, while a fin stabilizer, active interceptor or gyro ensures a smooth ride. 

Collaborating with leading naval architects, marine structural engineers and international designers, CL Yachts delights yachting enthusiasts with something fresh, bold and effortless – redefining the contemporary onboard lifestyle.   Its effort in aesthetic quality and innovation has received widespread recognition and critical acclaim in the industry.

CL Yachts invites you to join a journey into Uncharted Luxury. 


A Series
Conceived with an emphasis on performance and style, this pleasure craft delivers in power, dynamics, and the promise of adventure.

B Series
Built for family fun and adventure – a modern vision of the motor yacht blends luxury and craftsmanship with unparalleled quality.

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