Our professional yacht sales team

We have a dedicated team of individuals, who are motivated to provide the best service in this business. Our simple and ethical way of running the business has helped us to be consistently successful in overcoming difficult market situations.

Our motto:

– Integrity in doing business

– Understanding deeply the requirements of the client

– Honesty and best effort to give the clients right information

– Sincerity in answering all their questions

Admitting if there is something we cannot handle and pointing people to the right direction

We do believe that today’s clients are well informed and can gather all their information on their fingertips. And what the clients need is to see all facts put together honestly and straight forward answers to their questions.

Our Team


We work together with yacht captains, engineers, sales & marketing team.
Director : Mr. Baggy Sartape
Based in Hong Kong since 1991, Baggy has studied in Hong Kong & grown up to understand the culture of the city. Baggy has been involved in yacht sales & management since 1999 and has an extensive experience in sales and purchase of new and used boats. With a keen interest in understanding the manufacturing process of boats and also years of experience in custom design and management of yachts, Baggy is able to give the clients straight forward and simple answers to their questions. He is always interested in problem solving and has a friendly attitude. Click here to see more details of Baggy Sartape


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