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Our proficient yacht sales team is comprised of dedicated individuals driven by a commitment to delivering top-notch service in this industry. Our straightforward and ethical approach to conducting business has consistently propelled us through challenging market conditions, ensuring ongoing success.

Our guiding principles, encapsulated in our motto, reflect our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction:

  • Conducting business with integrity
  • Deeply understanding our clients’ needs
  • Providing honest and accurate information
  • Sincerely addressing all client inquiries
  • Directing clients to appropriate solutions if faced with challenges beyond our scope

We recognize that today’s clients are well-informed and seek transparent, straightforward communication. Thus, our focus is on presenting all relevant facts honestly and providing clear answers to our clients’ questions.

yacht sales team asia boating hk
We collaborate closely with a diverse team including yacht captains, engineers, and sales and marketing professionals.

Director: Mr. Baggy Sartape

A fixture in Hong Kong since 1991, Baggy possesses an intimate understanding of the city’s culture, having studied and grown up here. With a background in yacht sales and management dating back to 1999, Baggy brings extensive experience in both new and pre-owned boat transactions. His passion for comprehending boat manufacturing processes and years of expertise in custom design and yacht management equip him to offer clients straightforward and pragmatic solutions. Known for his problem-solving acumen and friendly demeanor, Baggy consistently strives to exceed client expectations. Click here to see more details of Baggy Sartape


Integrity in doing business
We believe Integrity is fundamental in yacht sales, serving as the bedrock of every successful deal. When buying a yacht, customers entrust sellers with significant investments, relying on their honesty and transparency. Upholding integrity means being truthful, providing accurate information, and sticking to ethical standards throughout the sales process. It also entails acknowledging that mistakes can happen. However, understanding these mistakes, honestly admitting to them, and taking steps to correct them only increase trust and strengthen relationships with customers. Sellers who demonstrate integrity, even in the face of errors, showcase their commitment to putting customers’ interests first, ultimately fostering long-term loyalty and satisfaction.


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