Astondoa Yachts (Built in Spain). 

104 years of building yachts, Astondoa yachts are considered to be one of the oldest yacht manufacturers in the world. The quality and design of Astondoa yachts is respected throughout the world and especially in the yacht manufacturing community.

Astondoa began it’s journey in 1916 and remained a strictly family business. They manufactured yachts exclusively for few customers. They controlled their expansion to maintain their quality, flexibility and to preserve their traditional way of building yachts.

After year 2000 Astondoa yachts decided to finally market themselves internationally. They were immediately recognized by buyers who are looking for quality all over the world. Astondoa builds yachts from 40 footers to 150 footer super yachts. Simple wisdom is followed, which is to embrace new technology but not to let go of the traditional wisdom in terms of quality and Engineering. The company has a century of experience in understanding how people use their yachts. They take seriously the safety requirements when the seas get rough.

The yachts are made to the highest “Germanischer Lloyds” quality standard. The Engine and machinery of the yacht is also built in such a way that makes the yacht easier to maintain.

Coup’e Models


Flybridge Models 


Century Models

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