About us
We have been selling boats for over 20 years, every single day finding solutions for boats and boating in Hong Kong. Although our company had started in 2005, Our staff and management have been in the industry since 1998.  We have been through countless ups and downs in the industry and still selling boats and providing solutions to boat owners. The main thing that makes us survive and a long term company in this industry is the trust that people bestow upon us and our integrity to keep that trust intact for so many years.


Karnic Boats : After a long search and going to every boat show in the world, in 2004 we found Karnic boats which are built in Cyprus. Being experienced in boating we quickly figured that this is one of the best value boats, and built with high quality and excellent price. Since then we have been selling many karnic boats in Hong Kong. Karnic boats provide 10 year hull warranty and there are so many boats on the Hong Kong waters which we think is the best form of advertising.

Astondoa Yachts : Astondoa yachts from Spain is actually a 100 year old company, so they have been building boats for a century. This is one of the family owned companies that still preserve the traditional know-how of how to build quality boats. They build boat to Lloyds standard which is one of the highest standards. Many boats in Europe cannot even meet such quality standard because their flashy designs do not make them safe if they are caught up in a middle of rough seas. Astondoa yachts are built with that in mind, and they are built to take the beating of rough weather and still get back on the shore with everyone in it.

Inflatable boats : We have been working with just one trusted factory, and ensuring that we sell quality inflatable boats in Hong Kong. It is easy to get fooled with so many factories in China claiming all sorts of things. But we have experienced all that and finally we do not settle for cheap things from China market. So with our inflatable boats we ensure that it is built with highest standards and complies with all quality specification that will make it a safe and long lasting boat.

Used boats : We are kind of specialized in selling used boats. Been in the market since 1998 we have seen it all. One of the most important things in selling used boat is to be completely open and transparent in doing the deal. Sometimes that can even mean buyers and sellers meeting each other and discussing things. So there has to be nothing that you would like to hide. Everything needs to be checked, inspected until the buyer is totally comfortable in doing the deal.




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