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In Hong Kong, we offer a diverse selection of both new and pre-owned boats. As authorized dealers, we proudly represent renowned luxury yacht brands. We have extensive experience of yacht brokerage and have exported used boats all over the globe.

Established in 2005, our dedicated staff and management boast a collective experience in the boating industry dating back to 1998. Throughout our journey, we’ve weathered numerous industry fluctuations, yet have remained steadfast in our commitment to providing top-tier solutions and boat sales to our valued clientele. Our enduring presence in this dynamic industry is a testament to the trust placed in us by our customers and our unwavering integrity in upholding that trust over the years.

Our Official Boat Dealerships

Karnic Boats: Following an extensive search and attendance at boat shows worldwide, we discovered Karnic Boats in 2004. Built in Cyprus, these vessels quickly captured our attention due to their exceptional value proposition, boasting high-quality craftsmanship at competitive prices. Since then, we’ve proudly sold numerous Karnic boats in Hong Kong, with many owners experiencing firsthand the reliability and performance of these vessels. Karnic boats offer a remarkable 10-year hull warranty, and their prevalence on the waters of Hong Kong serves as a testament to their quality and appeal. Karnic Boats make 16 ft Speed boat to upto 40 ft small cruisers. 

Astondoa Yachts: Hailing from Spain, Astondoa Yachts boasts a rich legacy spanning a century, making them a stalwart in the boatbuilding industry. As one of the few remaining family-owned companies, Astondoa preserves traditional craftsmanship while adhering to the highest standards of quality. Built to Lloyds standard, these yachts epitomize safety and durability, capable of navigating rough seas with ease. Unlike some European counterparts with flashy designs but subpar construction, Astondoa yachts prioritize seaworthiness, ensuring passengers’ safety even in challenging conditions. Astondoa yachts make boats from 40ft motor yachts upto 120 ft super yachts. 

CL Yachts : With a century-long legacy, CL Yachts stands out as a premier manufacturer of luxury yachts renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, all proudly crafted in Zhuhai, China. Their reputation for remarkable engineering precedes them, with a range of vessels available from 65 feet to well over 100 feet in size.

Used Boats: With a specialization in selling used boats, our expertise in the market since 1998 sets us apart. Transparency is paramount in our approach to used boat sales, as we believe in fostering open communication and trust between buyers and sellers. Every detail is meticulously checked and inspected to ensure complete transparency and buyer satisfaction. Our commitment to facilitating seamless transactions extends to facilitating direct discussions between buyers and sellers, ensuring that there are no hidden surprises and that every party involved feels confident in the deal.


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