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Introduction: Established in 2005 in the bustling maritime hub of Hong Kong, Asia Boating Limited has been a cornerstone of the yacht sales and boating industry, catering to enthusiasts and novices alike.

Born from the shared vision of a group of passionate individuals with extensive backgrounds in shipyard operations, sales, and customer service, our company has grown to become a trusted name in the yacht brokerage business.

Our Values: At Asia Boating Limited, our ethos is centered around providing value-driven solutions to our customers. We prioritize quality over extravagance, offering a curated selection of boats and yachts that blend craftsmanship with affordability.

Through strategic partnerships with esteemed brands such as Karnic Boats from Cyprus, Astondoa Yachts from Spain, and CL Yachts, we ensure that our clients receive top-notch products without compromising on quality.

Our Expertise & Experience

With extensive experience spanning years, our expertise extends to both the facilitation of new yacht sales and the intricate process of brokerage for pre-owned vessels. The realm of yacht sales, particularly in the pre-owned market and across international borders, presents unique challenges that demand seasoned professionals.

Our adept team maneuvers through these complexities with finesse, establishing enduring trust with clients on a global scale.Central to our approach is a steadfast commitment to transparency and integrity, principles that resonate profoundly in transactions involving high-value assets like yachts.

Over the years, we’ve weathered numerous market fluctuations and industry upheavals. From the tumult of the 1997 Asian Stock Market crash to the disruptions wrought by the 2003 SARS virus, and the seismic impact of the 2008 market crash, to the unprecedented challenges posed by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve stood resilient amidst adversity.

Our survival through these turbulent times has been driven by our unwavering dedication to delivering value to our customers in every sale we undertake.

Our Commitment: Integrity is the cornerstone of our yacht brokerage business. In a competitive market like Hong Kong, where discerning customers demand nothing but the best, we stand out for our unwavering commitment to honesty and reliability. Our long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Conclusion: Asia Boating Limited is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in catering to the needs of our esteemed clientele within the domain of yacht sales and brokerage.

Whether you are embarking on the journey of acquiring a new yacht or seeking adept assistance in navigating the process of selling a pre-owned vessel, you can repose your utmost trust in our team to deliver unparalleled levels of expertise and professionalism.

At Asia Boating Limited, we take pride in ensuring that every aspect of your yacht-related endeavors is meticulously handled with precision and care, safeguarding your aspirations within the realm of maritime pursuits.

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