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Buying a new boat or even an inflatable dinghy can be a tricky thing in today’s world. Especially on the internet you will see an overload of information, most of it is thrash. Lot of people just misrepresent what they are doing and further waste people’s time and energy. But here are some real important issues that you should know when you are going to choose someone to buy a boat from.

1) Experienced company :

A company should at least have a decent experience of more than a few years. Or the person you are talking to should be experienced in his or her craft. Buying a big yacht or a dingy both require know-how of the product. Maturity in understanding the customer, their requirements. Giving customers right suggestions which are in the customer’s interest and finally charging a reasonable amount of money for the services. In today’s world almost all customers we meet are intelligent people who understand if we are trying to overcharge them. It is ever more important to just be transparent and fair and make every one’s life easier.

2) Truly Helpful & Honest :

This reminds me of the time when I went to buy an Ink Cartridge from a shop, While the shop didn’t have what I wanted, he did not even bother to point me to the right direction to a shop next to his. He simply told me I could not find this anywhere around here. After a long search when I found out that the shop next door has what I want. I swore I will never ever buy anything from the shop I first went to. It is a shame because I use to be his regular customer.

Surprisingly many people in business find it “not smart” to point their customers to their so-called competitors. But the fact is, the customer will sooner or later find them anyways. They fail to understand business is a win-win situation and being truly helpful can actually be beneficial. We have got countless recommendations from people who talked to us but could not buy anything. It really is the dumbest thing to be scared to help and point people in the right direction because you fear helping the competition. 

3) Company which is on the ground :

Sometimes people are impressed with huge companies, yes, they have their own advantages. You have to understand, when your boat comes and there are issues that you have to deal with. You can contact the person and sort things out easily with reasonable amount of trust. Sometimes when companies are big they act like bureaucrats and you end up contacting one department and need to hire surveyors to prove any warranty claims etc. At that time, you realize that a smaller but experienced company can be more efficient. Even they have freedom to choose best repair yards rather than being stuck with their own yards. Another advantage is that a smaller company will also be able to provide you better prices due to less overhead expenses. In today’s world they are even more secure if they don’t have to pay extensive rents and overheads. 



We have over 22 years of experience in importing new European boats to Hong Kong and all over Asian countries. Selling a new boat is not a one time deal but a long process. We have to take care of all the small issues that may arise after the delivery through out the warranty period which can last for years. Even after warranty period is over, we give full assistance and every type of help that is possible to our customers.

The key to a successful purchase is to understand how to be clear of your requirements and how to choose the right boat for yourself. There are variations to all deals, some are quick delivery and some are constructed from scratch and we normally make sure our clients understand everything that they are getting into. We have spent many years in building our reputation and our existence for so many years is the proof of our expertise and service. Please feel free to contact us for any information. You can also find us on yachtworld.






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