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CL yachts CL Yachts
The luxury fleet crafted by the esteemed manufacturers of Hong Kong, Cheoy Lee, boasts a legacy spanning over a century in the boat manufacturing industry. Originating from a background in commercial boat production, Cheoy Lee also had their luxury yacht fleet in a smaller scale during the 1980s. Relocating their shipyard to Zhuhai, China, in the late 1990s, Cheoy Lee has continued to uphold its reputation as a premier builder of high-quality vessels. Distinguished for their dedication to innovation, Cheoy Lee remains at the forefront of research and development, pioneering the integration of cutting-edge technologies in boat construction. 
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Astondoa Yachts Astondoa Yachts
is known for top-quality builds. Based in Alicante, Spain, they’ve been crafting yachts for 108 years. From 45-footers to impressive 120-foot models, they cover a wide range. Astondoa blends modern design with traditional expertise seamlessly.
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Karnic boat HK Karnic Boats
Since 2017, Karnic Boats have dominated Hong Kong’s boat market as the top-selling brand. Offering competitively priced models like the 26-foot Sl702 and the 30-foot SL800, Karnic has earned a reputation for providing excellent value for money. Established in Cyprus in 1993, Karnic Boats are renowned for their quality, durability, and low-maintenance design, making them consistently popular choices over the years.

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Pictures of Astondoa yachts & Karnic boat Factories

New Boat Construction New Boat Factory


Building New Boats

If you are buying a new boat. It can be quite tricky these days, especially with the overload of information online, much of which is misleading. Many sellers misrepresent their products, wasting people’s time and energy. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when choosing where to buy your boat:

  1. Experience Matters: When looking to order new boats. Look for a company with several years of experience or individuals who are knowledgeable in their field. Whether you’re purchasing a large yacht or a small speed boat, understanding the product and customer needs is essential. Providing honest advice in the customer’s best interest and charging fair prices builds trust and ensures a smooth transaction. Transparency is crucial in today’s market, as customers can easily discern attempts to overcharge.
  2. Genuine Helpfulness and Honesty: It’s essential for businesses to genuinely assist customers, even if it means directing them to competitors. Refusing to help customers find what they need only damages trust and reputation. True helpfulness can lead to positive recommendations and customer loyalty, ultimately benefiting the business in the long run. Being afraid to help customers because of competition is shortsighted and ultimately counterproductive.
  3. Local Presence Matters: While large companies may seem impressive, smaller, more localized companies often offer distinct advantages. Dealing with issues that arise post-purchase is more straightforward when you can easily contact the seller. Smaller companies are typically more responsive and efficient, avoiding bureaucratic hurdles commonly found in larger organizations. They also have the flexibility to choose the best repair yards and offer competitive prices due to lower overhead expenses. In today’s economic climate, smaller companies with minimal overhead costs may even offer greater financial security.


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