Ruby 62, by Ruby Yachts Taiwan

Ruby yachts Ruby 62 Hong Kong


Manufacturer : Ruby Yachts 
Place of built : Taiwan
Model: Ruby 62
Type: Motor Yacht
Year of Built : 2009
LOA: 62ft
Beam: 16ft
Hull material: GRP
Engine: 2 x Yanmar (900hp)
Generator: 1 x Kohler (19kW )
Licensed to carry: 38 passengers
Location : Aberdeen (Hong Kong)
Accommodation : 3 cabin layout with 2 bathrooms, Spacious Flybridge, Saloon & cockpit area. 
Electronics : Loaded with navigation equipment, such as Radar, Chartplotter, Bow Thruster, Autopilot. Fully Air Conditionined for tropical climates. 
Asking price: HKD 3,000,000


About Ruby Yachts 

Their history traces back to 1985 when Grand Harbour Yachts, also known as Ruby Yachts, was established in the Xiaogang District of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, marking the genesis of their legacy as pioneers in sailboat construction in Southern Taiwan.

Under the stewardship of BH Gong, the President, Grand Harbour ingrained the ethos of fulfilling clients’ maritime dreams into their brand DNA, leveraging Gong’s extensive carpentry experience and knowledge.

Ruby Yachts’ reputation extends globally, with their meticulously crafted fiberglass boats gracing waters across the USA and Europe. Hand-laid fiberglass by experienced workers ensures superior quality and durability. Notably, the thicker hull of Grand harbour boats enhances stability and safety, albeit with added weight.

Over the years, Ruby Yachts has crafted vessels ranging from 48 feet to 85-footers, showcasing their versatility and craftsmanship. Among their notable models, the Ruby 62 stands out as one of their most renowned creations, epitomizing their commitment to excellence in yacht design and construction.

Grandharbour Yachts boasts a rich legacy as a family-run enterprise that has stood the test of time. With a tradition spanning multiple generations, the company prides itself on its workforce composed of seasoned and dedicated individuals.

These workers, many of whom have been with the company for years, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having honed their craft over the course of their tenure.

Their commitment to excellence is ingrained in the fabric of the company, contributing to its reputation for quality and reliability in the yacht-building industry. This continuity of skilled labor across generations not only ensures consistency in craftsmanship but also fosters a sense of familial camaraderie within the factory, creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

As a result, Grandharbour Yachts stands as a testament to the enduring values of tradition, dedication, and craftsmanship that define its heritage.

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