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Yachts for sale in Hong Kong and Asia

We specialize in selling pre-owned motor yachts, speed boats, mega yachts, Live-aboards, sailing yachts and even small inflatable boats.
If you are thinking of buying a New yacht, we can offer you internationally classified quality of custom made European motor yachts. These range from the size of 40 feet to 180 feet. Our prices are very competitive prices and in many cases cheaper than those identical assembly line built brands. We don’t just offer a valuable product, but an individual’s yacht with the touch of your personality and mainly built according to your purpose and requirements.

If you are seriously looking to purchase a motor yacht and spend millions of dollars, You should not only consider what is immediately available in the market, but what is of true value. A customer should also take into account the maintenance costs to keep the highest value for his or her yacht. We provide unbiased consultation and assistance during all levels of ownership. We will not just paint a beautiful picture in order to make a sale, but give you a right indication and what to expect throughout your ownership. In many cases we have also helped our customers to hire captains and crew for their motor yachts.

Our team has been in this industry in Hong Kong for over 15 years, and we have pleasure vessels all around the globe like, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Korea, Philippines, China, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

We understand the micro and macro aspects of yacht ownership, and what points a potential owner should consider, so call us any time for a chat or drop us an email and we will be glad to be in touch.


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