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Boats for sale in Hong Kong

Used boats for sale in Hong Kong


Aicon 56′ 
Built 2004 / Italian built
Perfectly maintained and in excellent condition
 2 x Caterpillar 800hp each
Price reduced to : HKD 3,000,000
More details 


Azimut 47′ used boat in Hong Kong
Built in 2007 / Italy. In excellent condition
with full specs & 575hp x 2 CAT engines. 
Price : HKD 4,600,000/- (USD 590,000)
More details 


Chaparral 23′ , model: 225 ssi
2012 built in USA, 190hp Volvo Diesel
In excellent condition, New Stock boat
Price : HKD 380,000
More details


Princess 67′ Motor yacht
Built in 2009 / England
2 x 1200 MTU Engines,
Well maintained excellent condition. 
Price REDUCED from HKD 8.5m to  HKD 6.95m (USD 899,000)
More details

Here is a video of a Cranchi 50′ motor yacht, A beautiful Italian boat built in 2009 – (located in Hong Kong)

speed-boat-1851 (Custom)

Karnic 1851 Brand New, 2 month delivery
20ft Length, Built in Europe. Cyprus
Included with 115hp outboard engine.
Including delivery & options
Special 2016 discount : HKD 199,000/-
More Details


Karnic 2452 speed boat
Length : 25 ft
with 150hp yamaha 2 stroke
Brand New with discount
Only for HKD 394,000
More Details


Astondoa 40′ Brand New, Open cruiser
1 month delivery
2 x 330hp Volvo engines
including options + Delivery
Special price : HKD 2,900,000/-
More details


Astondoa 52′ Flybridge motor yacht
2 months delivery Brand New
2 x Volvo 715hp each
Special Price : HKD 6,800,000/-
More details


Inflatable boat, 3.0m
Fiberglass V shape bottom
Fiberglass flat floor
Available stock in HK
HKD 22,000/- 
More details


Inflatable boat, 2.6m
Inflatable V shape bottom
Totally foldable
Available stock in HK
HKD 12,100/-
More details


Inflatable Raft Boat, 3.2m
Fully deflatable and 
can be packed
together with paddles
HKD 4,800/-

More details


Banana Boat
3.7m Length for 3 persons.
High Quality durable PVC material
HKD 4,800/- Only
More details


Inflatable Catamaran
4.2m Fully foldable 
7 person capacity
Multipurpose usage
Contact us for price


Inflatable Slide
for Pure fun
use as a climbing wall, Instant slide
Easy to deflate and store in small space
Contact us for price


Raymarine VHF Ray218
High performance
Marine VHF with Large screen
Brand New fully packed.
Only 1,900/- HKD
More details


Inflatable Fenders
High Grade PVC inflatable Fenders. 1.5mm Thickness, Easy to inflate and carry.
Specially priced, a 75cm x 45cm Inflatble fender for only HKD 850/-
More details 

Our boating experience

We have over 20 years of experience in selling boats in Hong Kong and all over Asia. We have even exported used boats all around the world. Some of the countries we have exported used boats to are USA, Australia, Russia, Korea, Philippines, China, Vietnam, New Zealand, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy and more. So we have a lot of  experience in shipping, making cradle and transporting. Of course we have imported countless boats here in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia too. We can penetrate difficult markets because we get up and go where our boat is and do work on the spot. Instead of only talking and advertising because action speaks louder than words. But one of the main thing is our policy. We are not out here to offer you whatever we have and make you believe this is the best thing. We are still a principle based company which run on serious ethics. We understand the client’s requirements, budget and tell them the best options we can provide. If really there is something else they can buy which is more suitable for the customer, we point them to the right direction. We will also tell you risk and rewards of different types of deals. Our commission charges are very competitive and very much worth it. We luckily have a wide range of products, from speed boatsmedium & large sized motor yachts to mega yachts. They are of high quality and modern design. In this business, quality is most important. If not, the company does not last very long. And we have been doing well for the past 20 plus years.

Yachts, Speed boats, Marine products

In our website you can see information on Used boats for saleNew boats for sale (Astondoa yachts made in Spain) , Speed boats for sale (Karnic boats made in Cyprus) , Inflatable boatsStand up paddle boardsbanana boats and other towable toys.

Yacht special offers

Sometimes there are special offers and good discounts for new boats, these are rare but there are times when existing clients default their payments to the factories and yacht manufacturers are left with a stock boat, or factories have display boats that they have decided to sell. Or sometimes factories just do huge promotions to enter a market. There are number of reasons for discounts and special offers and in this section we have offered special offers for new boats (Astondoa yachts from Spain) and here we have special offers for new speed boats (Karnic boats from Cyprus).

Boating information you must know

We also have some interesting articles that you may like to read and understand more about boating in Hong Kong and generally more about the boating business such as Tips to sell a boat, information on boat insuranceboat loansmarina clubs in Hong Kong. We have also published a successful book “The Business of Boating in Asia” which gives information about boating industry in all Asian countries and has interesting facts on history of luxury yachting.

Buying a boat can be a challenge and create great confusion. There are so many brands to choose from and then there are used boats in the market. Finding value of all these boats can be a tricky thing. 
It is not always wise to go and visit all showrooms and offices because every yacht dealer and every boat agent says the brand they represent is the best one. So how do you know if you are getting the right objective information?
Well, If you are in the market to buy a new yacht or a used boat, then find a reputed agent who is not just interested in taking your money but who will give you the right market information and explain you the value of what he or she has to offer. It also helps to know what you want and what are your requirements. Don’t be shy to be honest about your budget so the agent can find the right boat you are looking for. Run away from the agents who expect you to sign a cheque right away without fully understanding you and giving you satisfactory answers to your questions. One more thing your agent should do is to follow international standards in agreements which protects you. Don’t give away your money to buy a boat unless you have gone through all the details regarding delivery, construction time if you are buying a new yacht, or any repairs and survey reports if you are buying a used boat.

click here to see some tips that you must know when you decide to buy a boat.


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