Delivery Pre-delivery

Delivery : Shipping boats around the globe can be a challenge in hands of a beginner, however, with decades of experience, our team is more than capable to handle the shipping procedures.

Our pre-delivery services include arranging all aspects of shipping and delivery, cargo insurance etc. We normally go to Europe before the delivery to inspect the boats in the factory. In many cases we stay there until the boat has been loaded onto the main shipping vessel. We also oversee the loading process together with a surveyor when necessary. When boats arrive the destination anywhere in Asia, our crew is there to take the delivery, manage and oversee the offloading of the yacht and ensure the yacht is delivered safely to the marina.

Our crew arriving at the ship in Hong Kong to take delivery of a 103 footer from USA.

Our crew of engineers, and delivery specialists to inspect the yacht, ensure its condition and ensure all covers are inplace before offloading yacht onto the water.

Our crew and surveyor doing delivery inspections, assisting the Shipping vessel staff and cleaning the shafts and propellers if necessary. Sometimes we need to think of on the spot solutions to avoid any damages to hull. In this case, such as putting fenders between the sling and the hull structure to ensure that the boat’s weight does not damage the structure.

Above pictures are of the Astondoa 76 sale to Hong Kong.

Before shipment we normally go to the factory to inspect and overlook the construction. When the boat is ready for delivery we again travel with our crew and surveyor to inspect and assist in shipping and also check for things like water leaks etc and ensure that the boat is covered and packed with right materials and can stand any bad weather during the shipment.


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