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How do I do it the right way? 

Welcome to our page “Sell My Boat”. Here you can give us the details of your boat that you would like to list for sale. 

How do we sell your boat? 

  • We list it in our main website, one of Hong Kong’s Most Popular Boat Sales Listings, Regularly visited by almost all Boat Buyers in the Market. 
  • Boat is on more international & multiple platforms. Such as and
  • We send your boat specs to our specific clients looking for something similar. 
  • Advertising in our newsletters. 
  • We have a great social media presence and advertising
  • We distribute our listing to our competent network of sales professionals locally and internationally. 

Few tips on listing the boat the right way on our website.

  1. Good & Original Pictures: It is recommended we come to your boat to take pictures and specification. 
    Pictures are a reflection of the true condition of the boat. Hiding damages or not taking pictures of machinery will only result in disappointment later. 
  2. Details : The more details we have, the easier it is for a serious client to make a decision. This again saves the Seller and the Broker a lot of time. A serious buyer who understands boats will  know the value by looking at the detailed specs. It also helps to narrow down choices. 
  3. Pricing : A right price will generate good interest. Your pricing should also include commissions charges for the broker. The commissions differ slightly from boat to boat, but generally 5% is a ball park figure. 
  4. Accessibility : It is a huge advantage if your boat is accessible easily. There are often times when brokers need to give short notices to sellers. Although not all the time the boat can be prepared to look beautiful with all things in their right places. But it is certainly good if access is given in short notice. A sensible and serious buyer who knows boats, will understand the boat and it’s condition, even if the boat is covered like it is on a normal day.
  5. Be consistent in all platforms : If you are listing your boat on other platforms or offline. Ensure that prices are same. If not, it lowers the credibility of the broker who has worked hard to advertise and find a client for your boat.
  6. Why should I pay commissions to brokers, when I want to sell my boat? 
    A good broker is a valuable asset. Firstly an ethical broker will make sure no party is cheated and the price is fair near market value. The boat broker will also protect both the buyer or seller from any scare tactics or false information, that either party is using to get an unfair advantage. Broker also solves more problems for the Buyers, such as mooring, paper work, Safeguarding money and deposits. An experienced broker will also give a good guidance to buyer on what to repair, replace, renovate and ensure that the buyer is not over charged or misinformed to do any unnecessary works. A good deal is when it is a fair deal and it is win-win situation for all parties involved.

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Please fill the form below, which can let us have more details of your boat. we will make contact with you via email or Whatsapp to proceed further. 



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