SL800 Karnic, can this be the best first boat

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SL800 Karnic Boat
SL800 Karnic

SL800 Karnic Speed Boat.
Built in Cyprus (Europe).
Length : 9.2m (30.5ft)
Width : 2.96m (9.85 ft)
Fuel Capacity : 400 Lt
Engines : 2 x 225hp Outboard Suzuki engines.
Weight : 2550 kgs. (2.55 tonnes)
Accommodation : 1 fwd cabin, with toilet, 1 extra double bed on the mid section. Seating convertible to bed.
Electronics : Sorround sound system, Garmin Chartplotter, fish finder, GPS. Anchor Windlass, Bow Thruster. Fridge. Lighting through out, automatic pumps. Fresh water tank, waste water tank. Shore Power inlets, Water heater.

Price : HKD 1,380,000 (approximately depending on the options)

Here are 10 reasons why this 30ft SL800 karnic could be the best starter boat for Hong Kong waters if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend crazy money. Besides it being a well built, high quality boat, with tough classifications. The factory has vast experience in building boats that can take the beating of rough seas.

Yes, the price is higher than a smaller boat. To be honest the logistics of a boat changes a lot more when the size of the boat is bigger than a 40 ft container. Also, if you add one more engine then the cost of that engine also adds up. But the value it creates for the user is totally worth it. Without further due, lets look at the reasons.


1. Spacious Interior: The SL800 karnic has an interior design that is more spacious than smaller boats. It provides ample room for standing, sitting, sleeping, and showering, making it comfortable for longer stays. A minimum size of 30 ft is required to make a boat possible to accommodate tall or average size people.

2. Perfect Size: At 30.5ft long and 9.8ft wide, the SL800 karnic is just the right size for storing on any dry dock or being lifted by a small forklift that most shipyards and yacht clubs have here in Hong Kong. This saves any extra cost that bigger boats require to be lifted due to their volume and size. So almost all shipyards around town will be able to lift it on their small lifts.

3. Easy to Operate: The SL800 Karnic is easy to dock even in tight spaces, between other boats, and its bow thruster makes it easy for beginners to operate without crashing and scratching the boat. With twin engines, it also adds an extra layer of safety in case one engine fails. This could turn out to be a life saver in times of emergency.

4. Family and Friends: The boat can carry up to 12 people, making it perfect for families or groups of friends. It has sleeping arrangements for four people inside and more on the outer deck, providing ample space for everyone. It is even easy to have a full cover outside and turn the deck seating sunbed into a bed to sleep overnight.

5. Shallow Waters: The SL800 Karnic can operate in shallow waters, as we install lifting jack plates for the engine, making it easy to go near a beach and anchor overnight. It is perfect for exploring new places and enjoying the scenery. It is also possible if the boat runs aground or gets stuck in shallow space, the engine can be jacked up to get out of trouble.

6. Economical: With a budget of HKD 1.38m, the SL800 is designed to be economical for the space and machinery it has. It has minimal electronics, making it easy to maintain, and it can be serviced and maintained without any hassle. Of course this is quite a bit pricier than smaller boats, but still in affordable range. It is not crazily gimmicked or priced like many senseless brands.

The price is justified due to logistics difference and additional engine and the material that is used inside and outside. There is actually a huge difference between a 26 footer and a 30 footer. You will realize when you step on it.

7. Outboard Engines: The boat has outboard engines making it easy to service and maintain. It can also be docked on water by trimming up the engines, providing more flexibility for storing the boat. Normally with inboard engines, the metal of engine touching salt water is a horror show. Wait for a couple months and you see what corrosion does even with zinc anodes in place, and repairs of those engines are costly and extensive.

Here with outboard engines no metal touches the water. So nothing much to worry about. Also worse case scenario an outboard motor can be replaced in fraction of the cost than an inboard engine.

8. Genius Design: The SL800 Karnic’s design is genius. It drives like a small boat, but its interior is that of a much larger boat, making it a perfect starter boat. With outer deck interchangeable seating, the front sun bed, full bimini top covering the boat is very comfortable and feels like a much larger yacht. The space is engineered very well for comfort and longer stay.

9. Affordable Maintenance: Another advantage of the SL800 is that its yearly maintenance and mooring costs are the same as a smaller boat. Despite its larger size and increased functionality, it maximizes the space and luxury that you can get in that maintenance price. Why not put same effort in maintenance and at least have a boat that can take more friends and family along. Or you can even spend a weekend anchoring it in one of the beautiful beaches around Sai Kung or Discovery bay.

10. Versatile: The SL800 Karnic is good to go in almost all 200 plus islands around Hong Kong. It can handle rough seas and high winds better than smaller boats, providing a more comfortable ride and greater peace of mind.

In conclusion, the SL800 is a versatile speed boat that can be a perfect starter boat for beginners. It provides ample space, is easy to operate, and is economical to maintain. Its design is genius, providing the functionality of a larger boat with the convenience of a smaller one. If you are looking for a starter boat that is easy to operate, maintain, and store, and versatile enough to handle rough seas and high winds, the SL800 could be the best option for you.

More specification on the SL800, click here.

Video of the SL800 boat in Hong Kong 

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