Pleasure yacht entry in China Zhuhai

Asia Boating Ltd meeting and discussion with China Government officials of Zhuhai’s City government

Hoping that the whole boating industry has a prosperous 2015. On 31st December 2014, we were invited by the city government of Zhuhai and the organizers of Zhuhai boat show for a meeting to discuss the growth of the boating industry and discussion on the entry of pleasure yachts in Zhuhai from Hong Kong. We also discussed over lunch wide range of issues concerning the Zhuhai boating industry such as ways to improve the growth of the pleasure yacht manufacturing sector, creation of new employment, creating international standard services in the boating industry.

After lunch and casual discussion with the officials we headed to the Zhuhai boat show and Asia Boating Ltd representative was given an opportunity to deliver a speech to share our point of views and ideas concerning the betterment of the boating industry in Zhuhai as well as Hong Kong.

Wide range of things were discussed in the speeches, the speeches were given by government officials, financers, university professors and few other personalities. We are very happy to know how deeply the officials of city government of Zhuhai understand the pleasure boating industry and their willingness to take the right steps forward in terms of policies and immigration requirements.

The city government had done their own research and compared many aspects of International boating industries. One of the main thing they understand is manufacturing of the smaller leisure boats for upper middle class which will bring forth a bigger usage of yachts in Zhuhai waters and will be a key support to the boating related services such as shipyards and maintenance. There were also talks of introducing students to sailing activities and encouragement to set up more sailing schools and training centers for the youth. Other things discussed were comparisons of services and infrastructure for pleasure yachts, Encouragement of tourism on the waters, the quality of the environment and the water, Marine life and environmental protection,

The government also listened to our suggestions of allowing Hong Kong registered boats to come into Zhuhai freely and without excessive paper works and other formalities and allowing a reasonable period of stay in Zhuhai such as 3 months or more. Mr. Sunny Chan of Asia Boating Ltd also spoke about the importance of targeting more variety of classes and creating a local market in Zhuhai to improve the quality of boat manufacturing. We have also stressed the point that allowing the pleasure yachts to move freely from Hong Kong to Zhuhai will create more business for the marina clubs, create local employment for related services, introduce boat charter tourism to Zhuhai’s islands, yacht races and regattas, encourage yachting and boating as a leisure activity for Zhuhai locals.

We are positive that very soon this year, the right policies in terms of immigration will be in place and we hope the whole boating industry of Hong Kong will be able to benefit as well as help the Zhuhai’s boating industry to have a healthy growth.

Below are some pictures of the event



Baggy Sartape of Asia Boating Ltd, with director of China Boat building Association.



Zhuhai yacht club and December 2014 boat show.



Zhuhai’s pleasure boating association officials comparing international markets.


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