Here are list of some  Yacht / Marina Clubs in Hong Kong.

There are in total around 8 Marina clubs and Yacht Clubs in Hong Kong.
A Marina club in Hong Kong can be rather expensive where it’s membership fees from few hundred thousand to few million HKD.  Depending on kind of memberships.
There are many lucky members who had been life members when the prices were very low. Especially during the economic crises around 2003, the clubs were desperate for members. The game has completely changed now and membership prices dont seem like they are going down. 
Marina club


Aberdeen Marina Club
Address : No.8 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
Tel : 852-25558321
Email :
website :

There are around 170 wet berths in Aberdeen Marina Club. Wet berths meaning a berth or a mooring that you can walk on to get to your boat.
It is one of the best marina clubs in Hong Kong, with lots of services, including enclosed indoor dry berths with security for 24 hours.
Aberdeen Marina Club is also located near the Center of the city, it is easily accessible especially with new MTR station opened. It is about 10 minutes walk from the Wong Chuk Hang MTR station.


Aberdeen Boat Club
Address : 20 Shum Wan Road, Aberdeen, Hong kong
Tel : 852-25528182
Email :
Website :

Aberdeen Boat Club is for sail boat lovers and real boating enthusiasts, It has large group of like minded people who actually love boating.
The club is not as grand as the Aberdeen Marina Club, but it has small indoor premises, couple of restaurants and few facilities and wet moorings in Aberdeen, these are mooring that are on water and can be accessed by a small dinghy or a sampan.

The Boat club is not as pricey and provides great services for its members. ABC (Aberdeen Boat Club) also has regular sailing races and is very active in the yachting world.
This club is right next to Aberdeen Marina Club and is often mixed up by drivers.


Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
Address : Causewaybay, Kellett Island, Hong Kong
Club branch 2 : Shelter cove, Sai Kung.
Club branch 3 : Middle Island, Hong Kong.
Tel : 852-28322817
Email :
Website :

Royal Hong Kong Yacht club is the biggest and the oldest yacht club in Hong Kong. It provides huge range of sailing and boating related activities, sailing courses, water safety courses and a lot more. The Club has dry dock, shipyard facilities, and moorings in Causeway Bay, in the heart of Hong Kong island. It also provides a wonderful ambiance in the otherwise traffic congested concrete jungle. The Royal Hong Kong Yacht club has 3 clubs in total.

The Sai kung branch of the club in Shelter cove provides wet berths with walkway and mooring facility in addition to their professional repair facilities. The Middle island branch provides a dry storage and boat mooring facility. The club holds regattas (yacht racing) and is involved in almost all sailing related activities all over Asia. This club also has huge collaboration with yacht clubs all around the world.


Gold Coast Marina Club
Address : 1 Castle Peak Road,Castle Peak Bay, N.T. Hong Kong
Tel : 852-2404 2222
Email :
Website : 

Gold Coast Marina Club is a bit out of the city, but Hong Kong being a small place it is never far. It is near Tuen Mun side, and takes around 40 minutes drive from main city. The club is part of Gold Coast group which includes a residential area, a hotel and a small shopping piazza. The club has around 300 wet berth facility. It provides a nice walkway to the berth. the deep sea in that part of the city enables this club to moor super yachts upto 200 ft or more.


Clearwater Bay Marina Club / Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Address : 139 Tai Au Mun Road, Clearwater Bay, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel : 852- 2335 3700
Email :
Website :

Clearwater Bay Marina Club is inside the Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club. It is an exclusive club for members and it is easily the most beautiful marina club in Hong Kong. The name Clearwater Bay describes the clean water in the area. It has walk way wet berths, and while walking we can see through the waters bunch of beautiful fish swimming inside the Marina facilities. It is absolutely beautiful and tranquil. there is also a shipyard and dry dock for boats in the marina club . The club itself is very large with many facilities and designed for Golf.


Hong Kong Marina Club
Address : Shelter Cove, Sai Kung
Tel : 852-2792 1436
Website :

HK marina Club is near the Royal HK Yacht Club in Shelter Cove Sai Kung. It is a bit tricky to get there by a drive, a local taxi driver will understand if you tell him “Ma Nam Wat” which is the name of a very old almost ancient village in Hong Kong. This area is naturally protected by the hills around it and therefore it was a traditional fisherman’s village and a sport for marine activities. It was taken over by British in the colonial era and lot of high ranking navy officials use to be stationed there.

The Club now has facilities of walkway wet berths for yachts. And is quite large with professional marine management crew.


Hebe Haven Yacht Club
Address : Highram’s Highway, Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, New Territories.
Tel : 852-27199682
Email :
Website :

Hebe Haven Yacht Club is located in Sai Kung, Pak Sha Wan. The place holds the famous Pak Sha Wan Pier and the Club has a small entrance door a few minutes walk upwards from the Pak Sha Wan pier. This Club is mainly for sailing enthusiasts and speed boat owners. There is a large dry dock area for speed boat storage and also a some wet berths with a walkway. The club has many activities and excellent sailing courses for kids. A very professional and focused club towards boating.


Club Marina Cove
Address : No 380 Hiram’s Highway, Sai Kung, New Territories.
Tel : 852-27196622
Email :

Club Marina cove has many docks / wet berths with walkways where many luxury yachts are moored. The club is quite convenient has a car park and a super market near by. Attached with the club is a residential area. And it is one of very few places in Hong Kong where people can live in seaside houses with access to a boat parked in the back yard.


Discovery Bay Marina Club
Address : Discovery Bay Island, Hong Kong.

Tel : N/A
This marina club was closed in 2018, this use to be one of the biggest live aboard community in Asia. A beautiful and large group of live aboard boats and all type of luxury yachts used to be moored here. The developer / owner of the club had shut down the club while giving a short notice to its occupants. Lots of people who have been living their for a life time had to move, sell their assets and suffer losses. It is truly a sad thing that happened. The Marina Club owners might revamp the facilities and make it available for boats again with different terms. This is just our guess and not official information.


Boat Mooring facilities in HK
You don’t have to be a member of a club in Hong Kong to own a boat and moor it. There are mooring facilities available by the government, althhough at the moment the moorings are full. But it is still possible to rent one from existing owner. In Hong Kong a private yachts are normally moored inside a typhoon shelter. Which means a break water wall that protects the boats from strong thunderstorms that occur yearly in Hong Kong.

Legally people can anchor their boats in open seas but that will break any boat apart in pieces during rough weather and going on and off the boat would be difficult.

Typhoon Shelters
Some of the typhoon shelters in Hong Kong where mooring facilities available are, Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, Kwun Tong Typhoon Shelter, Causeway Bay typhoon shelter, Shau Kei Wan Typhoon Shelter, Sam Ka Tsuen Typhoon Shelter, Yim Tin Tsai (Tai Po) typhoon shelter and Hei Ling Chau Typhoon Shelter. 
These are some of the typhoon shelters where there are some leisure boats parked, other typhoon shelters in Hong Kong are mainly crowded by local fishermen or who run fishing or boat rental businesses.


Natural protected places, rent free mooring
Pak Sha wan is a naturally protected area and lot of boats are moored there. Other naturally protected places where people moor their boats are in Tai Tam Habour in HK island, and in Tso Wo Hang Pier in Sai Kung New Territories. People normally do not pay any rents here, but some people pay some locals to look out and security of their vessels and to provide a small dinghy to take them back and forth to and from their boats. 


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