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Yacht maintenance

General yacht maintenance Yachts are likely to deteriorate quite easily, because they sit on sea water, which can corrode the metals inside. Yachts are exposed to wind, rain, humidity, extreme sunshine and extreme cold, and they are continuously battered by the sea when they are running. If not taken care of properly, a boat can become completely useless

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Modern Boat Manufacturing

  Modern Boat Manufacturing This is an article about how the modern boat manufacturing came to the state as it is today. A little bit of history that might interest some readers. By the early 1900s the American boating industry had a lot of demand for luxury boats. Normally the boats were made out of

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Boat loans for hk and Asia

Boat Loans Many boat buyers are interested in getting a reasonable loan and finance to buy their boat. This is less common in Asia compared to the western countries where leisure boating is a common activity enjoyed by people of all classes. If you are looking for a boat loan in Hong Kong, you can

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Boat Insurance

Get your Boat Insurance Right In Hong Kong it is mandatory to have a 3rd party boat insurance coverage for your boat. The yearly 3rd Party insurance premium for a small speed boat to a medium sized 50 footer boat worth around HKD 4 million, can cost from HKD 1000 t0 HKD 2,500 approximately. This amount

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The Business of Boating in Asia

The Business of Boating in Asia, A Boating book specifically written for the Asian luxury yacht market My first book has been published called “The Business of Boating in Asia”. its an honest effort to provide valuable information about the boating industry as a business in Asia. Including the history and the evolution of the

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Lamma Island of Hong Kong A cruise to lamma island of Hong Kong is one of the simplest one from Aberdeen, which is south of Hong Kong. Lamma Island is just about 3 to 4 km away from Aberdeen. Its a straight cruise down to south west and very quickly you will see a visible

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