Marine Products

Marine Products for sale in Hong Kong

Welcome to this page, time to time we provide good bargains on marine products that we get. We ensure quality of each product because we have used it, and we know the product usage for years. We will add and remove products according to availability. Many times we order excess products for yacht installations and they end up with us as stock. We guarantee all products are new and work perfectly. We normally provide heavy discounts to sell of these products. We always add new products and remove the sold ones. Please click on the below list to see more details of our marine products.


Floating docks in Hong Kong


Incredibly economical, strong and long lasting floating docks, also known as floating pontoons for Hong Kong.
These can be used for jetski storage, speed boat storage, or simply to make a walking pontoon in a private area.
Easy to install, we will do all installation for the customers and very strong docks or storage even during rough weather.
Made out of high grade, treated marine plastic with extra thickness to take impacts and not to puncture.



Inflatable Fenders 



High Quality Inflatable fenders for sale in Hong Kong. Various sizes. 
74x45cm, Black high grade PVC 1.5mm thickness : 850 HKD per fender
Click here to see more details and prices



Life jackets in Hong Kong (Escape Life jackets)


Neoprene material, with high bouyancy, tested by us in Hong Kong. Very comfortable and idea for water sports or just for safety when you are swimming in the beaches.
Or when you are boating.



[schema type=”review” url=”” name=”marine ice maker and VHF” description=”Dometic Ice maker for home and marine use, and Raymarine Ray 218 VHF set for marine vessels” rev_name=”Dometic Ice maker and Raymarine VHF” rev_body=”Fast and compact icemaker by Dometic USA. A reliable VHF system Raymarine, stock available for huge discounted price. ” author=”Asia Boating Limited” pubdate=”2015-12-23″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]