Frauscher Benaco 30

Frauscher Benaco 30 ft used boat




Built : 2010 / Austria

Length : 30 ft (9.03 m)
Width : 9.9 ft (2.98 m)
Weight : 3,400 Kg
Max draft : 3.6 ft (1.10 m)
Engines : 2 x Yanmar Engines (315 hp each) Model LPA STP2

The Frausher Benaco is the high end luxury day cruiser, with sophisticated luxurious finishing  this is built for great performance.
The manufacturer boasts of top class quality fittings and certainly the price reflects that. Surely one of the most stylish and elegant day cruiser that turns heads in marinas.

Price : HKD 1,350,000/- (USD 173,000)





frausher-benaco-boat-hk-1   frausher-benaco-909-boat-hk-engine