Epic 23 speed boat

Epic 23 Speed boat in Hong Kong

Epic-23-used-speed-boat-hk (Small)

Epic-23-boat-hk (Small)

Length : 5.61m
Width : 2.49m
Year of Launch : 2016

Net Tonnage : 20.7
Total number of persons allowed by HK marine dept : 10
Engine : Mercury Turbo Diesel V6 (1 x 260hp)
The first wakeboat with a Mercury turbo diesel engine providing superior torque and fuel efficiency. The V6 turbo diesel engine gives it excellent acceleration and its German design and regular servicing gives a reliable engine with low maintenance issues. With 4000lbs+ ballast this boat provides a massive wake for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Its resin infused hull is extremely strong & can handle tough marine conditions. Dual rudder steering gives excellent handling. Its fast fill gravity fed ballast system means you spend more time time surfing and less time waiting.

Well maintained during its 2 years of service with a great price at HK$ 388,888