Standup Paddle boards


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Standup paddle boards

click here to see the details of BIG SUP board (A Gaint SUP made for 8 people to climb up and have fun on the water)

Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) made with high quality PVC materials, the inflatable board design makes them very solid, strong and great solution for the paddler who is on the go. These Standup paddle boards are very easy to fit into a back pack and carry around. They can be deflated and inflated quickly and can stored in any small place. The SUPs are easy to ride, very safe and stable. Best for people who are focused on having fun on these Stand up Paddle boards.

SUP-hong-kong  SUP-hk-3

standup-paddle-board-hk  SUP-hk2 standup-paddle-board-hk1 SUP-hk




Here Please see a video of our SUP boards to know the quality and the procedure to use it.




Model Fabric Over all 
Length (cm)
Over all 
Width (cm)
Airfloor Thickness
Max weight 
Capacity (Kg(
Package Size
SUP270 0.7mm PVC
and Air mat
270 70 10cm/15cm 90 1 90x40x30
SUP300 0.7mm PVC
and Air mat
300 74 10cm/15cm 100 1 90x40x30
SUP330 0.7mm PVC
and Air mat
330 74 10cm/15cm 110 1 90x45x30
SUP360 0.7mm PVC
and Air mat
360 80 10cm/15cm 150 1 90x50x32
SUP380 0.7mm PVC
and Air mat
380 86 10cm/15cm 185 1 90x50x32


Standard equipment included in the SUP:

  • Safety foot leash
  • Backpack
  • Repairing kit
  • High pressure foot pump
  • Single telescopic alumium oar


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