Yacht service in Hong Kong

Our main business has always been selling new and used motor yachts. We have been selling new motor yachts & Speed boats mainly to Hong Kong, China & Asian markets.

Apart from that, when a customer buys a yacht. It is very important for the agent to know what they are doing. So it is important to know about Shipping & Delivery of a boat.
If you ever want to know what is the most challenging thing to ship & take delivery of, try shipping a big yacht. We have experience in shipping yachts all around the world. In and out of Hong Kong.
From Europe to Vietnam. The experiences of offloading a 45 ft motor yacht in Vietnam and then trucking it across the country is definitely next to impossible tasks that we have achieved 4 times.
It is not just a paper work and engineering challenge. But if you see Vietnamese roads, you will find a web of electrical wires that does not let any higher than standard vehicle drive. Now imagine one guy with a T-shaped long wooden stick, pushing the wires up so a truck can pass from under it. And doing this thousands of times. These are the type of challenges one needs to understand, experience and overcome when doing this business.


Delivery & Pre delivery
Normally when a buyer orders a new yacht, We place an order and collect deposits. Deliveries can take time between 1 month to 7 months or more. Depending on the size of the yacht and the availability in the factory.
Before delivery of the yacht. We go to the factory to inspect the procedures and ensure that every thing is built according to client’s requirements. For shipping purposes we can also hire yacht surveyors and oversee the whole loading process. A yacht surveyor and us we make sure things are right. Because many times shipping companies compromise safety and stability of the yacht to save money. They may have weak cradles, or they don’t have expertise in lifting the yacht in the right way to ensure that the yacht will not get crushed by its own weight by the slings that carry it. It is a rather complex process and we ensure that it is dealt with properly.

When the yacht reaches it’s destination, obviously we are present there with same surveyor and we take the delivery with our expert crew, off load the yacht in a right way and we immediately start the engines and drive to a shipyard where the yacht is cleaned, some necessary parts are assembled, tested and then delivered to the customer.


Shipyard Service
Shipyard service is one of the important things, but to be honest, we do not have our own shipyard. And we are rather relieved to say that. For years we had been operating a shipyard that was owned by one of our partners, but that did not help us to serve our customers rightly. Because although some works our shipyard had expertise in, but not all of the works were done efficiently. More over the over heads of paying for a shipyard and full time workers is unsustainable and it is impossible to have a competitive price for our customers. Customers end up paying for the costs which does not directly benefit them.
Currently we are working with most competitive shipyards and which are experienced in this fields for not just decades but for generations. Their main business is repairs, so we can get spare parts readily available, cheaper and for competitive prices. At the same time we hold full responsibility for the yacht for our customers when it is in our possession. We can provide our customers with best prices for the yachts. For our customers that are in other parts of Asia. We work together with a local shipyard in their country to provide service. But there have been times when we travel with experienced workers from Hong Kong to do all the repair works. 

Aftersales & Maintenance
After sales and maintenance is an integral part of the business. We work with the shipyards like mentioned above and we also work together with the factories which provide us exact spare parts that we need. There are many companies out there who try to make money in their after sales service. We simply think ripping people off for the technical works they don’t understand is very unethical. So we make sure our customers are not over charged. All simple warranty works are done for free. Most of the times even when the warranties are long finished, we provide our customer with free spare parts wherever we can. For maintenance services, we charge most minimal charges. In fact this is one of the free services that we only help the customer to manage as a part of their package. For general maintenance we do not add any additional charges for ourselves but only pay the engine maintenance workers or shipyards directly. The customers are also welcome to do this directly. We only try to save their time for management of their yacht. 

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