River Boats

Models :  290 River (2.9m)  350 River (3.5m)  420 River (4.2m)  460 River (4.6m)

River Boats built in Norway

Technology helps us to make a New concept for a small runabout boats and Dinghies.

New Material Composition of HDPE

River boats are made with New Technology and New Design concept. The Material used is HDPE, High Density Polythene.
There are many compositions of HDPE material, and a right composition of HDPE that is used by River Boats is very strong, versatile, Very resistant to abrasion and scratches.
The Material also has high resistance to cracks that are caused due to stress. The material also has high impact strength and energy absorption which makes lot more safer in case of impacts.

Hybrid Hull Design

The Bottom hull design is a Hybrid between a Deep V shape and catamaran. As you can see on the picture above, the boat cruises while piercing the waves, the bow is high to avoid touching water while cruising therefore to avoid drag. The sides of the bottom hull gradually and smoothly become like catamaran style. So when the boat is cruising there is less surface area dragging through the water and making the boat fast and efficient in low power and therefore low fuel consumption. The side stability of this boat is improved a great deal and there is hardly any side movement, so during high and low speeds the boat is very stable and also the possibility of being toppled over by a wave or when someone heavy is climbing up using side handles is reduced a great deal compared to conventional boats.  3rd advantage also that is does not require V shape stands to rest on. The boat can easily rest on flat surface. Put on top of a car or back of a big boat. 

Made to Last for ever

These boats are made to last for very very long time, New material technology has made things possible which were not possible years ago. Unlike boats made with other materials there is zero chemical reaction with sea-water. There is no degradation of material with time in harsh environments and repair of this material is extremely easy.

Trouble Free

In boating industry we all wish we have boats that are trouble free, especially our small dinghys that help us runabout and pick up our friends, or in many cases even go out for a worry free fishing trip. With these boats, There is nothing much to worry about when you touch the ground in shallow waters. The Boats can also be dragged onto beaches even on sharp rocks. Which we cannot do for fiberglass boats.

Easy Storage anywhere

The boats are firstly ultra light, and especially the 290 and 350 River can be easily dragged or lifted by 2 average people. Lot of small dinghy and inflatable boats cannot be stored on the water for long periods. But these boats have no such issues. They can be stored on water, they can be dragged onto the beaches easily, they can be lifted up and carried to nearby car park, they can be stored in open weather, without having to worry that they will lose their buoyancy.

No Special Boat Stand is needed

The Design is so clever that it solves many problems. The Boat starts as a Deep V 17 degree Hull angle, and the sides of the boats smoothly convert into catamaran. So it is like a Trimaran hull, but with the side design. It is easy to keep the boat on ground without being tilted. So for storage you will not necessarily need a special stand, Just a small foam padding or soft wood pad will do the job. This is also very useful if you are using the boat to be on back of your big boat. The owners will not have to build a special stand and attach to the floor of their swim platform of their big boat. So every time they put the boat on the water, the big boat will have empty space that can be utilized and used to hang around freely.

Small engines can give high speeds

The Deep V hull with catamaran design at the aft gives this boat a special handing capabilities. As the boat picks moves, the V hull and the side hulls lift up. Unlike traditional tube boat it does not bang on the waves the same way. The boat slides and pierces through waves and reduces drag a great deal. It is well balanced and the catamaran design helps to create speed with low powered engines. This make the boat a lot more fuel efficient and power efficient. Small engines also make the boat much lighter and again easier to carry around if need be.

Adjustable Interior design

The River boats are built in such a way that the consoles and seats can be attached, removed easily on the floor. The Floor design through out is such that the console and seats can be put in different places according to your comfort and size. It is also easy to remove the consoles and just use the tiller handle to control if you require lot of space or to carry something large.

Easy to Repair 

Incase of any damage on the hull, the boats re very easy to Repair using various methods. One of them is a simple heat gun, additional patches can be heat infused into the damaged areas if needed. The repairs are simple DIY type of repairs and does not require any extra special skills. This makes the boats even more long lasting and unlike other boats, the repairs are not expensive or lengthy. 


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