Live aboard boats in Hong Kong

Here are some good deals for Live aboard boats that are available in Hong Kong, as we know there is a surge of live aboard boats after the announced closure of the Discovery bay marina club in Hong Kong. 
Most of these boats are in very good condition, and have been used as boats to live on. Most of the live aboard boats also have single engine or small engine power, as they are not a very sea-going vessels but they are designed and built for living on. These boats normally also have a traditional Air conditioning system and not marine Air cons, because a traditional Air conditioning systems are low maintenance and less power consuming compared to that of Marine Air conditioning. 

These boats are suitable for many purposes actually, ofcourse apart from living space, these boats are being bought by many Hong Kong marine businesses for the purpose of commercial use. Such as restaurants, bars, diving school office spaces and other innovative ideas, that people are coming up with. 

We hope you find these deals interesting, please do call us immediately as these boats are selling very fast. 

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