Inflatable Raft boats for Sale

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Inflatable Raft Boats For Sale

High Quality / 1.2mm thick PVC, scratch and abrasion resistant / made with expensive materials designed for safety in tough situations

Rafting is not just a sport but a great outdoor activity for all friends and family to come together and do something fun and healthy. Inflatable raft boats can be used for many purposes, rough rafting in the rivers and seas, exploring the waters for fun. 

It is very important that raft boats are of high quality and made with strong scratch resistant PVC. There is often a big price different between a low quality cheap rafts and high quality rafts. They are made with very different grade materials, and the glues and joining systems that are used are very different in making such product. 

Safety during rafting is very important, so yes, there has to be enough independent air chambers. The holders, ropes seats need to be strong and long lasting even when exposed to high heat and sun for long time. Our factory is very experienced in making rafts and have been supplying it world wide. 

These rafts are easy to carry on a back pack, they are easy to inflate and deflate. Its great when you are travelling into the wilderness. Contact us for more details. 




Raft-boat-420-inflatable-hk Raft-boat-380-inflatable-hk









Let us know what size and model of Raft Boat you like, and we can check if we have stock raft boat for sale, If not immediately available, we can order and deliver it to you with-in 10 days time. 

Standard equipments:

  • T-shape one-piece river oars
  • Inflatable thwart
  • Foot straps on bottom
  • Overpressure relief vavle on bottom
  • Pump
  • Repairing kits
  • Self-bailing floor

Optional equipments:
Life jackets

Raft boat details all with 1.2mm thick PVC

Model Length Width Tube 
Weight Price HKD 
Raft320 3.2m 1.91m 48 4+1+2 6 66kg  8,400
Raft370 3.7m 1.91m 48 4+1+2 8 72kg 9,600 
Raft420 4.2m 1.96m 48 4+1+2 10 78kg 10,900 
Raft470 4.7m 1.96m 48 4+1+3 12 89kg 11,800 
Raft520 5.2m 2.2m 54 4+1+3 14 95kg 12,900 

Contact us to place an order, 


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