Sunseeker yachts, the Sunseeker Manhattan 52 Review

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The Sunseeker 52 Manhattan actually is a longer boat than a 52 footer. The length overall is 17.6 meters, which is 58 feet long.
The first thing you notice when you see the Sunseeker manhattan is the beautiful streamlined profile it carries. Something about the Sunseeker yachts that makes their proportion perfect for the eye. Their center of gravity lies low and you can immediately tell that the boats are designed to stay stable and break through the rough waves of the ocean.

This boat having 2 x 800 horsepower MAN engines, easily take it to 32 knots speed. Sunseekers are again designed to catch speed when the engines are going. So the boat is slightly narrower than other boats of its size but the high performance and efficiency add a great value.

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To briefly explain the interior, the interior has 3 rooms and 2 washrooms. The port side of the saloon has the semi circle shaped sofa which is raised on a small platform with semi circle table. Designed to be spacious and to be able to relax and watch the pop up TV which on the starboard side. There are also a seat on starboard side so when a casual gathering is there people can sit face to face and talk. The platform is raised and there is a dinette on the port side and the lower helm sits on the starboard side with large seats and some cabinets for storage. The platform is obviously raised to create a better headroom for the master cabin right underneath it.
The boat has all the electronics that you would expect on a international standard luxury yacht.

The galley is down which is rather spacious when its combined with the passage way to the cabins and has all necessary galley equipment. Details of which will be very lengthy. But to brief it up, if you are hosting a good dinner for 6 or 7 guests with 8 course meal. This galley has enough space and amenities to accommodate such cooking. Its absolutely important to have a very functional galley with good storage for serious boat users.

The Full beam master cabin is as spacious as a cabin can get in a boat this size, with a beautifully decorated washroom and a spacious shower stall. The Master cabin hosts a dressing table with a chair and plenty of storage and TV video entertainment system. The forward cabin is a standard forward cabin and the cabin on the starboard side has bunk beds. There is a washroom shared between these 2 cabins. Normally in Hong Kong people use the bunk bed cabin to store things. But when needed this cabin is very important because you need that crucial bed space to accommodate extra guests when you have.

The exterior of the boat is well designed for functionality. The first thing you notice and appreciate is the up and down swim platform which is used to carry a rather heavy dinghy or a Jet ski. Thank god for these platforms because having a davit in that area not just blocks that space, but makes the rear of the boat very difficult to move around in. Even some concealed davits occupy space and make the swim platform seem very small.

The cockpit area has beautifully laid teak which gives you a feeling of how solid and strong the boat is. Spacious with extra large seats which often give people a nice space to spread their legs and sit comfortable in a casual gatherings.

The side deck of the boat is a walkable area with high railings, making it safe to move to the bow. This is again important while cruising because people do need to come back and forth often when hosting a party or a casual day trip. So we tried holding a glass of wine and walking around the side decks and it was not a problem at all.

Bow area has a nice sunbed and a standard front locker for anchor. The flybridge has a long C shaped seat which is practical and hosts maximum number of people without a problem. The table in the middle is also foldable and has a electric BBQ. The barbeque is normally best suited to be on the flybridge. It doesn’t get the smoke inside the boat and its easy to clean up after a big mess left behind by friends.

Overall the Sunseeker Manhattan 52 is a beautiful yacht, which gives you a feeling of a sexy, sophisticated sports car in a wide ocean. Its interior is functional and spacious too. With our engineer spending plenty of time in the engine room, he found the space good enough for doing all needed repair works. One thing good about boats like Sunseeker is that the quality and maintenance is known for decades and it does not give people unpleasant surprises throughout its life.

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