River 460 (4.6m Boat)

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 River 460, best small runabout boat for HK

Made in Norway
Length : 4.6m (15 ft)
Width : 1.8m (5.9 ft)
Person Capacity : 5 to 6 persons
Maximum Power capacity : 29 kw (40hp) Outboard Engine Long Shaft.
Weight of the boat without Engine : 210 Kgs (15 kgs extra for XR set)
Maximum Load : 582 Kgs
Material of the Hull : High Density Polyethene, specially formulated for high tensile strength, Durability, High Impact absorption, and high buoyancy and safety. The boat hull is made of Rotary molded polythene with three layers, with the middle layer being foam for added strength and safety.
Hull Design :  Hybrid hull design between Deep V shaped bottom and catamaran.
Purpose : River 460 is suitable for leisure use and as a run about boat, but it is surprisingly strong and also suitable for Rescue, Military, Scuba Divers, Fire brigade and emergency services.
Speed : Ideal engine power for this boat is 30hp
with 30 hp and 2 people, max speed is 27 knots
with 25hp and 1 person, max speed is 25 knots
with 10hp and 1 person, max speed is 12 knots
with 10hp and 2 people, max speed is 10 knots

Standard equipment
Rain-clearing deck, two large lockable storage compartments. longitudinal acid resistant rows, mooring fasteners forward and aft,. Standard colors red, anthracite gray, black and white with black woodpeckers.

Optional :
XR Edition In addition, all boats have rain-lined floor (There is some water on the floor at max engine weight), side mounted steering console on the XR edition complete with steering wheel and wire, two seats at the rear. Standard colors for XR sets are black.

More about River 420 : This boat is designed for people looking for maintenance-free boat, design to require least amount of maintenance and constant cleaning. The Boat’s material and UV protected abrasion resistant surface is almost like a self-cleaning material. As we know the HDPE material does not chemically react with salt water so the boat never faces degradation issues like other hulls. New River 460XR is 15 feet with windshield, more seating and more storage. The equipment list includes pillow sets, backrest, sun lounger, bathing ladder, integrated space for chart plotter and metal Arc.

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