River 420 (4.2m boat)

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River 420, a perfect runabout boat for Hong Kong

Made in Norway
Length : 4.2m (13.8 ft)
Width : 1.8m (5.9 ft)
Weight of the boat excluding Engine : 180 kgs approximately (15kgs more with XR package)
Maximum Person Capacity : 5 persons
Maximum Power Capacity : 22.4kw (30 hp) Outboard Engine, Long Shaft
Maximum Load : 560 Kgs
Hull Design : Hybrid design between Catamaran and Deep V-shape bottom of 17 degrees
Hull Material : High Density Polyethene, specially formulated with high resistance to abrasion, high buoyancy, high safety due to material impact absorption capability, extremely high tensile strength, material made to last for ever without high maintenance.
Purpose : Leisure, Runabout boat, fishing, Hunting, Diving, adventure, Rescue Boats, Police Boat, Military Boat, Good for high usage, in high and low temperature.
Design Category : C, for coastal waters
Colors : red, coke gray, orange and yellow.
Speed :
with 1 person and 30hp engine, max speed is 26 knots
with 2 people and 30hp engine, max speed is 24 knots
with 1 person and 10hp engine, max speed is 15 knots
with 2 people and 10hp engine, max speed is 10 knots

Standard Equipment
Without Console and back seats, with Rain-clearing deck, front compartment storage compartment (length x width x height) 400 x 600 x 200 mm approx. 

Options Included
All boats also have rain-lined flooring (There will be some water on the floor at max engine weight.) The XR edition has side-mounted steering console complete with steering wheel and wire, two seats at the rear. Standard colors for XR sets are black.

 About River 420 Boat
The 420 River is extremely stable boat due to its hull design like all River boats, and it is safe and can be easy to operate during rough weather too. This is a very good runabout boat especially for a place like Hong Kong. The boat is made for low fuel consumption and the design allows high speeds from low powered engines.
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