River 290 (2.9m boat)

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River 290 Polythene Boat

Built in Norway.
Length : 2.9m (9.8 ft)
Width : 1.48m (4.85 ft)
Material of Built : High Density Polyethene, extremely strong and impact resistant, good for extreme hot and cold weathers, Aging-resistant, UV-protected and fully colored polyethylene, which is fully recyclable.
Hull Style : Hybrid Hull between Catamaran and 14 Degrees V shaped bottom.
Weight of the Craft : 155 Kgs
Person Capacity : 3
Maximum Engine Capacity : 7.5 kw (10hp)
Maximum Engine Weight : 60 Kgs
Design Category : D (in protected waters)
Standard Colors : Gray , Orange, Red, Yellow, White
Speed : 
with 1 person and 10hp engine, max speed is 20 knots
with 2 people and 10hp engine, max speed is 17 knots
with 1 person and 6hp engine, max speed is 15 knots
with 2 people and 6hp engine, max speed is 10 knots

Standard Equipment
Standard edition is the boat without Steering console & back seats. It has Rain-clearing deck, 2 pcs. removable towers, embossed anodized aluminum handles, integrated tow-bars in the front, embossed moorings to the rear, and embedded davit-fixtures for suspension.  Made with safety standards recognized by Insurance covers.

XR Edition
The XR edition also has rain-lined flooring (There will be some water on the floor at max engine weight), side mounted steering console complete with steering wheel and wire, two seats at the rear. Standard colors for the XR edition are red, gray, anthracite and yellow.

More on the River 290
River 290 is one of the market’s designs in this size and range. A dinghy that can be used as a motor boat, row boat, tow boat and car roof boat. The River 290 XR is also a thoroughbred racing version for ultimate driving experience and safety.

River 290 is also  ideal boat to store on any flat surface or floors and there is no need to have a special stand or chocks. Thanks to the special bottom, you do not have to turn the boat on its head, while it is stable and well on standard roof racks. This makes it very easy to transport the boat from place to place.
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