Princess yachts, the Princess 42 Review


If you are looking to purchase a used or a new Princess 42 yacht then this article might be helpful for you. Princess 42′ is one of the most popular models sold through out the world by Princess yachts of the U.K.  Actually for a 42 foot to 45 ft boat. The layout possibilities are very limited. The yacht can either have 2 cabin layout or a 3 cabin layout. The difference is that you get a separate galley if you choose to have a 2 cabin layout. For a 3 cabin layout, most of the yachts have no choice but to integrate the galley in the saloon area, like the Astondoa 44 footer flybridge, which is also one of the most popular 3 cabin layout boat of its size and range.
The Princess 42 however is popular for a reason. Compared to other 2 cabin layout boats, the Princess 42′ although has more of less the same width as others, but seems more spacious. The Interior space engineering in Princess yachts is surely commendable. The simple layout of the flybridge also maximizes the space. The rear flybridge has a little storage box for cushions and it can also be used as a sunbed (its a good idea, but we found that rain water seeps in during bad weather making the cushions wet and moldy inside, This cabinet needs to be made water tight by owners).


On the cockpit of the Princess 42, the entrance is only through the port side, which in turn allows the factory to extend the seating area. So the cockpit has longer seating area than most boats if they have entrance through both sides on the aft. Having entrance on both sides sometimes is also helpful because normally if you have a jetski or a tender on the swim platform, then its very difficult to go to the other side and you have to jump in the boat.


One of the best things about the Princess 42 model is the space in the cabins, the forward cabin is very spacious compared to most boats of this size, the starboard cabin with twin beds also has good amount of space to sleep 2 people comfortably. The washrooms in the yacht are well spaced and very functional. The Galley area is huge for this size of a yacht and very functional indeed. Just having that open space in the galley gives you a pleasant feeling of spaciousness and gives you the needed room to move around freely when inside the yacht. One of the things yacht designers look at is the free space they can create on a small yacht which makes one feel non-claustrophobic. Its a surprise when yacht designers try to fit too many things in a small space and give more functionality to the yacht but in turn end up having a yacht that feels very uncomfortable to be inside of. If you have been on yachts for long enough you will know a difference between some yachts which are well decorated inside but after a while you start to feel claustrophobic. The idea is to have a good light flow through out the yacht so you are always see the outside view and a light colored interior always helps.

One good thing about Princess yachts is that the value of the yacht always remains stable. Princess have been popular yachts all around the world and therefore always in demand. As a used boat if you price it reasonably it almost always sells unless the economies are crashing. There is a reason for the yachts always being under demand. I have been selling yachts for almost 20 years, and sold almost yachts of every brand. I have encountered osmosis problems in many expensive high end Italian boats but never on a Princess yacht. The hull quality of the old princess yachts is still excellent. The Machinery varies depends on how the owners use it. The interior cherry wood in almost all yachts have similar wear and tear. If you buy a Princess 42 with excessive interior wood damage. The Princess factory can ship you identical interior panels if you are willing to pay the reasonable cost. The Interior panels of the yacht are made by machine and are identical in all 42s.

All in all, Princess 42 is one of the most dependable, stable boat in its range.




[schema type=”review” url=”https://www.asia-boating.com/boats-yachts-hong-kong/princess-yachts-princess-42-review/” name=”Princess 42 motor yacht reivew” description=”One of the most well known motor yacht models built in U.K. excellent for beginners and advanced boaters alike. ” rev_name=”Princess 42″ rev_body=”Princess 42 model is surely one of the best motor yacht models for a small family and a group. The boat is known for its quality and always holds a good resale value. ” author=”Asia Boating Ltd” pubdate=”2015-12-22″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”1″ max_review=”5″ ]



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