360 RIB Inflatable Boat

360 RIB Inflatable Boat with Fiberglass Bottom and Floor.

360 RIB inflatable Boat

Material : PVC Tubes with Fiberglass Floor, V shape Bottom, Front Locker and Seats + Console. 
: 360 cm (11.81 ft)
Inside Length : 248 cm (8.13 ft)

Width : 180 cm (5.90 ft)
Inside width : 85 cm (2.55 ft)
Tube Diameter : 42 cm
Net weight without engine : 90 kgs Approximately
Maximum Loading Capacity : 700 kgs
Maximum no. of persons : 5 persons (this may change depending on permission of HK marine dept during licensing)
Maximum Engine Power : 25hp (18 kw)  (Engines are not included, they have to be bought separately in Hong Kong)
Maximum weight of Engine allowed : 80 kgs
Requested Shaft length for engine : 15 inches or 20 inches
No. of . Air Chambers : 3
Packing size in a wooden box : 330 x 130 x 80 cm
Weight after packed in wooden box : 130 kgs

Standard Accessories Included 

Front Locker
Console with Mechanical Steering set and steering wheel

1 pair or Oars
Boat installed with handles and life line
Boat installed with lifting hooks
Repair kit with PVC or Hypalon Patches with glue
Foot pump
Bench Seat

Total Price  Including Delivery to HK (Truckable Areas only) : HKD 38,000 Only  (For PVC material)
Total Price Including Delivery for Hypalon Material from France (ORCA) : HKD 49,000 

Hypalon is a more expensive material, the specific ORCA material is imported from France, The advantage it has over the PVC is that, it is a stronger material overall and it also handles better in Extreme temperatures and weathers. 

Boat Cover  : HKD 700
Galvanized Anchor : HKD 250  
Aluminum Sun Shade : HKD 1000
Fiberglass Foot steps : HKD 1000

Delivery time : Approximately 2 –  3 weeks after order.