290 VIB-V shape Bottom-fully Inflatable Boat

 : 290 cm
Width : 151 cm
Tube Diameter : 41 cm
Bottom Hull Material : PVC Specially designed V Shape fully Inflatable & Deflatable Bottom
Hull Bottom Remarks : The Specially Designed V shape bottom and floor designed to be sturdy sold and better than other designs and creates a non floppy bottom.
Air Chambers : 4
Engine Capacity : 10 hp (max) (Engine is not included)
No. of. Persons capacity : 4
Materials Included :
1 foot pump,
2 x Paddles (oars), 
Oar locks,
Inflate / deflate Valves
Marine grade seating board,
Rope line,
PVC Repair kit with sealant,
Carrying Bag,
Carrying Handles on the boat,

Design Information
CE Category : C
Inflatable Boat Weight : 22 KG
Tube Pressure : 0.25 bar
Engine Shaft : Short Shaft
Material Thickness : 0.99mm & 1.2mm
Materials Choices Available : PVC / Hypalon
Options of Fabric Cover available : Yes
Colors available : Colors upon request can be checked with the factory 
Custom Print Company name on boat : Yes 

CE Certified with ISO 6185 Stability & Safety compliance

Price : Please contact us for Price

Remarks : 
-Our Inflatable boat tubes are made with PVC and the material very resistant to abrasion and scratches from sharp objects. Our PVC Material is high quality and is extremely durable.
-A customer can also choose Hypalon material for the boats. Often more expensive, the Hypalon material is imported from Japan or France to ensure its quality and safety. Hypalon material is generally considered to be stronger and is preferred in extreme hot climate.
-We are selling our boats for over 13 years in Hong Kong, Asia & Australia.
-Years of experience and product in the market, so far we did not have any complains and if given minimal care and maintenance these rubber boats can last for ever.
-We are certainly not the cheapest in the market and after years of experience in selling inflatable boats we found some of the cheaper boats that were dangerously compromised for their quality.
-Ironically some of the very expensive boats are also misrepresented and hold no better quality.
-It is of most important that the users of our boats are safe in the waters. Even in the event of a tear or accident, the boat should be made enough separate air chambers to be able to take the people back to safe grounds. 
-Our boats also have Double fiberglass hulls, which is a Bottom V shape hull and an additional flat floor. To protect people twisting and hurting their ankles while getting on and off. Which is actually a serious issue while using small boats. Our design makes the boat slightly heavier and a bit more pricey but again safety and sensibility is not something that we can ever compromise.
-Our factory also makes the boats for some very famous western brands which hike up the prices greatly for the same product.
– Our aim is to provide a safe dinghy for boaters at a sensible price and terms which are good for our customers.
– All inflatable boats go through quality check and control before they are shipped from China. We provide necessary builder’s certificates and documentation for the customer to register the inflatable boats in Hong Kong or any where else. The factories also ensure that quality materials are used in manufacturing which adhere to high standards.