Special Offers

Special offers for boats in Hong Kong & Asia

2015 gives us great opportunity and a chance to bring value to our customers. This kind of opportunity comes once or twice in a decade where the exchange rates are on our favor (for people in Hong Kong and many parts of Asia). The Euro exchange is all time low and Astondoa in Spain realizes this opportunity and offers us much more than usual discount for boats that are in stock and some that have came out of the mold. This discount is specifically targeted to Asian markets because not all factories can afford to give such valued discounts. Sometimes big discounts may affect the value of the 2nd hand boats in the market, but in this case we are providing such huge discounts for boat models that are not already existing in the Asian markets. The exchange rate is just giving us the extra added benefit.

These deals are ideal and right for a yacht buyer who is looking for :
-Beautiful high end luxury designed yacht
-High safety classifications and strong boat that can withstand the elements
-Low maintenance costs
-Pay a price which can beat the depreciation for at least 2 years. (so if you buy a new Ferrari for $100,000 and after 2 years sell it for $70,000, Why not buy a new one for $70,000 today and stay ahead in the game if you wish to resell it and upgrade)
-A boat that will maintain its value , so a brand name that has been around for a while and will not disappear in a few years. (In this case Astondoa is building yachts for 97 Years)

Please do feel free to contact us for any further information.


THIS PAGE WILL BE UPDATED SOON FOR NOVEMBER 2016 SPECIAL OFFERS, meanwhile contact us and know what special offers we have.