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Inflatable boats / Yacht Tenders / Dinghy 

For 13 years we have been selling all sizes of Inflatable boats in Hong Kong and around the World. Ranging from 2.2 meters to 8 meters in length. The most popular boats we sell are the V.I.B. ( V-shaped Inflatable Bottom) boats. These range from the size of 2.2 meters to 4.2 meters. The V.I.Bs are mainly ordered because they are very light, easy to carry and handle. They are also very safe and sturdy on the waters. Another popular style we sell are the Double RIB. (Rigid Inflatable Bottom) boats. We call it double RIB because the inflatable boat has a V shape hard fiberglass bottom and one more layer of fiberglass floor. This is for safety reason as when you step on the dinghy you have a flat floor to put your foot on. There are many sellers who make the rubber boats with out the flat floor, its cheaper, but very dangerous because people can easily sprain their ankles while getting on the boat. The RIB inflatable boats are heavier and more stable on the water. They are still quite easy to carry on board a bigger yacht even without a davit or a lifting crane. We have been working with our factory very closely together in China. We also import the materials from Europe and Japan in order to make the top quality inflatable boats.
We offer 3 different materials. One is High grade PVC which is international standard and has been tried and tested in our back yard in Hong Kong for 13 years. So far no complains and if given simple care the rubber boats last for ever. We have some PVC boats which are 10 years old and the color still looks as if new. Of course a discarded boat can deteriorate  faster. But these boats are designed to last and last with minimum maintenance.
Other materials we use are the Hypalon materials, One is from Japan and One is from France. The prices of course go high as with Hypalon material. But we are still offer world’s most competitive prices for the product we supply.

Yes, there are cheaper boats out there. But you will be surprised how they start falling apart after few months of usage. We have tried and tested many many factories through out the years and sometimes learned the hard way. But nothing should ever compromise the safety of yourself and your family when you are in the waters.


Here are few things that we look at when choosing the right inflatable boat, a dinghy or a yacht tender.

1) Thickness and quality of the PVC : This is an important thing to understand because there are many different qualities and they do behave differently under different weather conditions. Our boats have been checked, certified and most importantly with years of experience and improvements, our inflatable boats have no complaints from our customers.

2) Attachments : The problem areas in rubber inflatable boats are the corners and glued points where the inflatable boat PVC  starts to tear off. These areas are specially looked after by the factory, made more thicker and with extra padding. To ensure the inflatable boats last long. Checked in very hot tropical countries like Philippines. The PVC attachments still stand. Hypalon is also recommended if you think your storage area is going to be extremely hot.

3) Safety : Any inflatable boat tube is suppose to have at least 3 independent air chambers. We make sure this is the case. If the rubber boat has Inflatable bottom, then the bottom is suppose to have 2 different air chambers depending on the shape of the bottom to ensure safety. Incase of an accident or hitting a sharp object it is important that you can return to the shore safe and sound.

4) Balance : Although Inflatable boats are light, and we know they wobble but this needs to have its limits and there should be a balance test done to ensure the inflatable boat is well balanced and can handle fairly rough water.


Below are our inflatable boat details and prices. We may have some stock available in Hong Kong, but normally we buy them in bulk and keep them in our storage facility in China to reduce the final cost for our customers.



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