Mercury Epic Diesel 23

Brand New boat located in Hong Kong

Mercury Epic Diesel 23 (Small)


Year of Built : 2016
Place of Built : US
Overall Length: 6.91m
Max Beam: 2.49m
Fuel Capacity: 197L
Engines : 260 hp V6 3L Turbo diesel
Condition :

It is the first diesel wakeboard boat. Since its diesel it is much more fuel efficient than all the other wakeboarding boats which are petrol.  It is 23 feet . It has much more ballast (3000lbs) so it has a fantastic wakeboarding and wakesurfing wake. It also has 3 special surf trim tabs so you can shape your wake for wakeboarding or if you are wakesurfing you can adjust the port or starboard wake depending on the side you surf on. Includes a great 6 speaker sound system.

It comes with 1 year Mercruiser warranty for the engine/computer/etc. It also includes a minor service & engine inspection from Mercruiser after the first 20 hours. 


It has a fresh air exhaust so there should be no concerns with breathing exhaust when you are wakesurfing close to the boat. 

Price : HKD 900,000