Life Jackets in Hong Kong


Escape Life Jackets (Neoprene)

Available for retail at HKD 550/- per pc.
Very bouyant and tested by us personally.

Neoprene jackets compared to nylon are more softer and they are a lot more comfortable to wear. They also don’t cause skin rashes when brushed against.
Normally if you are wearing a nylon jacket for long time while playing water sports, your under arm area gets scratched against the nylon and causes abrasion and rash.
With salt water it becomes more painful and uncomfortable. Nylon also is more uncomfortable when sand goes inside and brushes against your skin.
Neoprene jackets dont have this problem. The material is very soft and also very bouyant. The Jackets are made with EPE foam inside them.
Neoprene life jackets also last very long, they also keep their outlook new even after being used many times.


Escape Life jackets tested by us, my weight is about 85 kgs, and the life jacket is holding me fully without any support or movement.

Front shot


Very comfortable and soft fitting, especially no friction caused under the arms


Back of the life jacket.

Many colors are available. Please do contact us for more information.