Karnic Smart1 – 55

Karnic Smart1 – 55 (Speed Boat)

Karnic-Smart1-55-speedboat-hk9 (Small)








Length Overall
5.65 m
Hull Length5.55 m
Beam2.30 m
Approx. Weight550 kg
Certification Persons6
Design CategoryC
Engine typeOutboard, 20" shaft
Max. horserpowerStern Console version 70hp
Center Console version 115hp
Max. floor dimensions1.85 x 3.77 m
Floor Area4.8 sq.m
Storageup to 11 compartments

In 2014, Karnic had introduced a brand new line in their product range that consists of several budget designs in the 20-115hp horsepower range.  The company is offering two hull sizes in this category at 5.50 and 4.70 meters.

Key feature of models in the new line is the modular approach used in the design by which interior layout parts such as consoles, seats, benches and so on, are offered as individual modules so buyers can choose and define the layout of the boat exactly as they prefer. In this way, the same basic boat can be offered from plain open workboat layout to sport fishing or bass boat versions, or as a day family boat with sunbathing area and table lounge.  All models in the new series will be marketed under Smart1, a name that has been chosen to reflect the advantages gained by the modular design approach.

Karnic’s Smart1 models is at competitive cost and at the known high quality standards of the company by strict and accurate control of production as well as advanced manufacturing processes.

Below are some layout options for the Smart 55 series.


Possible layout modules:

  • Console, compact or twin
  • Helm seat, compact or twin
    or swivel seats
  • Console forward seat
  • Bow deck with storage lockers
  • Side benches, one or two


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