Inflatable Fenders Hong Kong

Inflatable fenders for boats

Inflatable fenders are great alternative for the usual fenders. They are very good at absorbing shocks, They are extremely strong, very light and easy to carry and store. Our specially designed inflatable fenders can be pumped up by a regular foot pump in less than a minute and deflated easily and quickly. Often the problem with motor yachts, big and small boats is that they require more fenders when out and while they are mooring or when people are getting in and off from a public pier. The more fenders you have, the more safe your boat is. But the problem is when you are done using, the whole storage space is taken up by the normal fenders. Which makes keeping others things very difficult. Lot of the times in motor yachts one whole cabin is used to store cushions and mainly fenders. Sometimes boats need bigger fenders but opt not to have it because of storage space. The inflatable fenders solve this problem. Easy to carry, strong and stable and the design makes it easy to tie up to any part of the boat. Inflatable fenders started out to be very expensive things costing few thousand dollars for a small fender. But we are changing this and our factory which also specializes in making high quality inflatable boats is using their engineering, experience and know how to make some high quality inflatable fenders.

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The sizes we sell the most are 

74F – 74 cm x 45 cm, Black color 1.5mm thickness, High Grade PVC, : HKD 850 per fender

107F – 107 cm x 45 cm, Black color 1.5mm thickness, High Grade PVC, : HKD 980 per fender

148F – 148 cm x 45 cm, Black color 1.5mm thickness, High Grade PVC, : HKD 1200 per fender
We normally have stock and we can arrange deliveries, incase the stock is sold out, the ordering time is usually around one or two weeks. Do feel free to contact us for any information.