Floating docks in Hong Kong

Floating Docks in Hong Kong

The best reason for these floating docks or sometimes referred as Plastic floating blocks is to provide an affordable way to store a speed boat, jetski or small dinghies out of the water away from marine growth and barnacles. These Blocks are easy to assemble by even a normal person without any technical background. The blocks attach together and form a very solid and firm platforms. These are also used as marine docks in many private properties. These are the cheaper and smarter alternative to building wooden blocks which are not just expensive, but more difficult and time consuming to build and assemble.
As far as boat storage goes, these docks are very economical and they pay for themselves as the boat owners save the anti fouling paint and maintenance costs on their boat for a year.

hongkong-speedboat-lift-dock  hongkong-jetski-dock

Besides being a genius and economical solution for storing boats and jetskis out of the water. These docks can be designed into walking pontoons. They can be stretched as long as possible and it is even possible to create a private marina type pontoons to berth big yachts.

hongkong-floating-dock   hong-kong-floating-dock

The idea of these storage has been around for quite many years and you can find bits of these in almost every marina club. However, the factory we choose is one of the oldest and the quality of the material is high. The plastic is thick, molded into perfect shapes and tried and tested through out the years to ensure it does not separate during fairly rough weather and reasonable impacts.

These floating pontoons are also used by some fish farming organisations to make fish farms like the picture below.




The use of these floating docks is endless, and it is also used as a floating helipad.


The most common usage for the floating docks however is to use it as floating docks for boat storage on the water, River or Sea, or just it can be an extension of your marina pontoon.


Very popular in Hong Kong and we have been selling these for over 10 years now, and without any complains from our customers.

The Normal procedure for order is that, you can let us know the usage that you plan for these docks, eg. For boat storage or pontoon. If it is for boat storage, let us know the size of your boat, and we will send you the exact amount of blocks you will need for that.
The boats can normally be driven on the pontoons and with a slight push they can be put back on the water. We also provide a winch incase you might need to pull with some force.


we order these into Hong Kong, and deliver and our workers install it on the spot next to your berth or where ever you want to put them. In matter of couple of hours the installation is done and you have a new floating dock ready. All this is done for a very minimal price for our customers. We are so far the most economical price setters and we don’t believe in charging our customers more, because we provide range or services and our business is on-going for years in Hong Kong because people trust us and they trust that the products we sell will not be inferior in quality.

Do feel free to contact us for any details.