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Singapore Yachts

Singapore yachts, The boating industry in Singapore In ancient times, Singapore was ruled by a Malayan Kingdom called the Srivijaya kingdom. The Srivijaya Kingdom ruled most of today’s South East Asia, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In 1299, a prince of the kingdom named Sang Nila Utama visited the island for a hunting trip. On

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Yacht maintenance

General yacht maintenance Yachts are likely to deteriorate quite easily, because they sit on sea water, which can corrode the metals inside. Yachts are exposed to wind, rain, humidity, extreme sunshine and extreme cold, and they are continuously battered by the sea when they are running. If not taken care of properly, a boat can become completely useless

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Modern Boat Manufacturing

  Modern Boat Manufacturing This is an article about how the modern boat manufacturing came to the state as it is today. A little bit of history that might interest some readers. By the early 1900s the American boating industry had a lot of demand for luxury boats. Normally the boats were made out of

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