570 RIB – 5.7m – Fibreglass bottom – Inflatable boat

570 RIB – 5.7m Fiberglass Bottom Inflatable Boat



Length : 570 cm
Width : 238 cm
Tube Diameter : 54 cm
Air Chambers : 5
Weight : 390 kg
Materials Included : 1 foot pump, 2 x Paddles (oars), marine grade seating board, Rope line, repair kit
Price :


* All inflatable boats go through quality check and control before they are shipped from China. We provide necessary builder’s certificates and documentation for the customer to register the inflatable boats in Hong Kong or any where else. The factories also ensure that quality materials are used in manufacturing which adhere to high standards. Although we don’t provide any official warranty but we normally provide any needed spare parts to our customers under reasonable circumstances.

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